Going to Group and Shiftwork


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I have never worked shifts or anything before, but i do know that sw does cater for shift workers, not sure all the ins and outs of it though x

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Thanks hun, i knew there was a box to tick if you were a shift worker but i wasn't sure if you just missed a week or had to go to a different group.


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I work shifts so I worked out which was the best day for me to go to a class....turned out to be a Monday (would prefer a Thursday!!). It means that I miss 1 week out of every 5, which isn't too bad. I always let my consultant know when I won't be attending and then I don't have to pay for that week. I'm not sure how it would work for missing every other week though.


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I checked this our for my mam, and the consultant said as long as she informed her at the meeting wen she would and wouldnt be attending she wouldnt have to pay for missed weeks, however if she didnt say anything then didnt go she would have to pay, like if she was supposed to be going this week and then didnt bothered kinda style