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Going to have to leave


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Ive been working out my finances and I cant continue going to classes. I just cant afford it. That £20ish a month is needed for my car insurance and I just havent got any spare.
So I will be doing SW from home as from now. Well I will be going to class tonight and paying as I dont feel its right to disappear without explanation.
I do hope I dont annoy you all too much asking for syn values and advice.
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Hey tab, Im just back to doing sw again and I know what it can be like when moneys tight so good luck!! What we have done is some of the girls in work who also want to lose weight have all decided we'll weigh in here on a Monday and keep each other motivated during the week, also it means we should never be stuck for ideas for lunch as we'll all be doing SW!! Good luck hunni, if I can help with syn values and such i'll try xxx


Slow but sure....
There are lot's of us doing it 'home alone' on here, me included and we get lot's of help all the time so welcome to the 'Home Alone SW Club' good luck with your continuing weight loss. X

Mrs V

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Im with Donnie..I'm a Home aloner too, if we can do it, then so can you. Still try to weigh just once a week and keep a food diary.
Come on here as often as you can Hun and good luck!!
My friend lives in manchester and gets SW on referal from her gp it might be worth you trying.


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I asked my GP a while ago and checked at the class tonight and my area isnt on the list. My leader has said she will phone me if its added and if I want to return I cna re-join with no fee which is lovely of her.
Best of all I lost 2lb tonight and got my half stone sticker Heee
ASk away we are all here to help! AS is said above you seem very motivated so I am sure you can do it home alone like the others - Donnie is an inspiration.
i would ask ya doctor hun on it as the doctors surgery may have just brought it in some doctors do it in my area and others dont. you will no most ya syns through ya book but as in the ones you dont know i know i wont mind and i am sure no one else wil either.
good luck with going it along and stick at it hun with the surport from this group we all know you can do it!!! xxxxxxx


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Thank you all for the support.
Im definately going to be sticking to the plan as even if Im 'only' losing a 1lb a week thats better than I did on WW where it was 1/2 on 1/2 off all the time.
I was at the docs a couple of months ago and the nurse was very snotty with me about losing weight. Gave me some info for diabetics even though Im not. Said she didnt beleive in paying people to lose weight as 'its not rocket science you just eat less calories and do more exercise' When I pointed out that having ME/CFS meant that exercise was a problem I was told to just eat less. Then again she also said why anyone would want to eat chocolate is beyond her as its just fat and sugar......erm yes thats the point lol


Wishing and hoping!
remember just one opinion, don't beleive the hype, you know what works and when you slip. you can change by making positive steps that fit in with your health and that suit you. you cans till enjoy a treat because there for enjoyment. it's finding a balance but thats life constantly in construction :)

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