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Going to start Slimming World this week!

Hi everyone! I'm Bonstar, I'm 27 years old and I live in Yorkshire.

I'm planning on going to Slimming World this Thursday (12th) for the first time. :confused: I was going to start last week but chickened out at the last minute! I'm sooooo nervous! I have never followed any sort of diet or healthy eating regime before in my life!

I lost 1st 7lbs a few years ago through cutting out excessive white bread, crisps, chocolate, sweets and fried food, though that was more about me stopping living like a student. :) The weight came off gradually. I was about 14st at my heaviest (I am 5ft 6".)

I know that my ideal weight is about 9st 7lbs but I would be happy anywhere between 10st-11st. At the moment I'm 12st 7lbs so have a maximum of 3st to lose but I'm not going to stress out about exact amounts of weight.

I'm looking forward to joining in with the forum and sharing tips, successes and (hopefully not too many!) failures with you all.

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Hello! I WI on a Thursday too - let us know how you get on xxx
Hiya :wavey: Welcome to Mini's and good luck for Thursday x
Welcome along hun and good luck on Thursday, you can do it!!
You'll be welcomed at your group, why not give the consultant a call before you go and then she'll know to expect you?
You'll be fine and the weight will be falling off you before long!
Welcome along hun and good luck on Thursday, you can do it!!
You'll be welcomed at your group, why not give the consultant a call before you go and then she'll know to expect you?
You'll be fine and the weight will be falling off you before long!
Hi Bonstar - I too was really nervous on my first meeting but called the consultant so she knew to expect me and put me at ease - I did have to psych mysef in the car to pluck up the courage to walk through the door - but now 6 weeks on I have lost 10lbs and really enjoy seeing all the girls at my group. Good luck for Thursday
You won't look back, Bonstar
By the way, you are a similar weight, age and height to me so I will be following your journey with interest and keep encouraging you! x
Hi Bonstar and welcome to Minimins. I am new here too, only joined up yesterday and have already found my footing. Fairly new to Slimming World as I only joined group at the start of October and managed to lose 1 1/2lb but not been for a fortnight and know that I have gained. Thankfully my consultant rang me today and I have found the guts to go back..... also a Thursday weigh in.

Personally, I am surprised that I found it within myself to go in hat first week but I happened to walk past the first day it started in my area and I decided at the time that it was "now or never." So glad I did it because it is brilliant and it didn't take me long to understand how the plan works.

We're are of similar weight and height so will also be monitoring your loss. Good luck and let us know how you get on at group on Thursday.

Hayley xxx
Hi Bonstar, welcome to Minimins.

I re-joined group and this forum last week, and have my first weigh in Tomorrow.

I'm Becs also 27 and i live on the Nth Lincs / East Yorks border. I have done SW a couple of times before (once before fallling pg with my 5 year old daughter and i lost 2.5 stone and then again before falling pg with my son who is now 7 months old and i lost 1.5 stone).

I love SW as i don't see it as a fad or regime, it just shows you how to eat fulfillingly and healthily and to change your eating habits forever.

Hope you enjoy the plan and good luck with your first week and weigh in!

B xx


Lover of Extra Easy
Welcome to minimins!
I am sure you will do just fine at class.
I have belonged to 3 different ones with several consultants, as they seem to come and go, but I have always gone on my own to begin with and have never felt left out.
Everyone has always been friendly, and you will make friends easily, as I have.
Good luck!
Hey Bonstar, welcome to Minimins :)
Thank you!

Thank you so much everyone for the lovely warm welcome! It's really made me feel at home here. :)

To be honest I don't have much confidence in any area of my life so going to group on Thursday is going to be a big challenge. Even phoning the consultant beforehand will be difficult for me... but I think I should do it. :(

I'm going to make an effort to ring her TOMORROW when I get in from work (bit late in the evening now, especially as I think she has kids) to check on start times and things. Really scared!

It's great to know there are some people who have similar targets to me. :) It makes me feel less alone.

I'll have to get myself a ticker! :)

Thank you everyone!
Good luck Bonster - i weigh on Thursdays too :D
Its a great eating plan.....just read your books when you get them and then plan your meals - its easy!

Love Elle x
Hi there and welcome.
Dont be afraid to go to a class Hun, once you are there you will wonder why you hadnt gone along sooner!
Have fun and good luck!

Well I'm absolutely terrified but I'm going to go to my first Slimming World class in about an hour.:cry:

REALLY nervous... more nervous than I thought I'd be. :( I may still chicken out like I did last week...

I just feel embarrassed or something. I don't know what the feeling is. I have hated my body all these years but tried to keep quiet about it so this is like I'm admitting it to the world!

I also don't do that well in group situations so this is a BIG challenge for me but one I know I have to take. Because other methods of losing weight have not worked (and today I have had chocolate, leftover Chinese food and sweets! I am comfort eating cos I'm nervous! No more of that after tonight!)

*sigh* I will let you all know how I get on. Gonna keep reading this forum for inspiration. :(:cry:
It was great, thank you! :eek: Sorry, I'm still getting used to this forum and couldn't find my thread to post an update...

The group is lovely and extremely welcoming. Our consultant is really nice and it's a very positive, happy group of people. I'm really enjoying it. Just been to my third group! :)

So far I've lost 4.5lbs but maintained this week. Oh well...
Wow, well done! If you ever get studck to what thread you posted on and want to update check out the User CP tab and all your info is there (I think!) xxx
Hey Bonstar! Just found your thread so wanted to say well done so far! You sound just like me when I joined SW a couple of weeks ago! I was so nervous! I was thinking about it all day and nearly pulled out! You have a similar target to me so i'll be keeping an eye on you to see how you get on :)

Well done so far and good luck. xx

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