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Going to try out Green - any advice?

Hi all!

Extra easy has been working pretty well for me but i am struggling to do the 1/3rd superfree at every meal - especially breakfast. I like my alpen light bars and thats about all i can stomach lol.

so because of the 1/3rd thing i thought i would try green for a wee while, but according to the book you still need to do the 1/3rd rule? or is it just more of a guideline on the green plan and a hard and fast rule on EE?

Also - does anyone have any tips to make green easy and enjoyable?
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ugh thanks lol

yet our consultant says to go on green/red if we struggle with the 1/3rd rule :/
ooh i love the sweet-potato chips! do you abide by the 1/3rd rule?
The 1/3 rule is recommended on all plans but is not compulsory, particularly when the meal comprises a HEx.

The idea of the 1/3 Superfree is to fill you up so that you need less of the free foods. When you have your healthy extras, the portion control is already built in.

If you struggle to eat breakfast, why not have just one Alpen Light and save the other until later, perhaps with a mid-morning cuppa?
Ah thats great thanks for clearing that up! yeah i might start doing that with the bars
I just use the 1/3 rule on all plans. I don't always have time in the morning to sort out chopping fruit etc so if I have cereal (b) and milk (a) and no sf I always eat a piece of fruit as soon as I get to work. Which I class as my sf.

I think green plan is great. I appreciate the extra healthy extras.
This is true. Eat a pile of vegetables and you won't want so much of the other stuff. But it is also because it is good for your health, not just now, but for the future, and SW are trying to instil good habits into all of us.
dont get me wrong, i'm not trying to avoid the 1/3rd, i always throw in extra veg/fruit where i can, its just not always practical/possible
Well, I've lost over 8 stone on Green and have never followed the 1/3 superfree rule!
thats an amazing accomplishment! well done!

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