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Gone Nowhere!!

Hi all, Hope you had a good week, im confused this week as it's my 4th weigh in and i have stayed the same? :confused:
I have followed the plan religiously this week as i have from the start and ive stayed the same! I am easily doing my 10,000 steps walking every day. I knew this would happen but not now already!
I cant understand how i have lost 2 and half stone in 3 weeks and now not even o pound?
Oh well, i will persevere and see how it goes next week.
Jus x
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Hmmm, that does sound frustrating, have you been doing a food diary? Maybe you can look back on them and see what you have done differently.
2 & 1/2 stone in 3 weeks does sound like an awful lot though, so maybe your body is just settling into it, I wouldn't worry too much, it will keep going down.


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It's probably your system settling down. You've had fab weight loss for the past few weeks and this does happen.
Next week you will probably a few more.
Don't give up just carry on :)


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try not to worry:)
you have done sooo well in the last three weeks,im sure you will have a good loss on the scales next week;)
keep up the great work


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SW must have been a massive difference to your diet before to produce such huge losses in the first 3 weeks. When your body is used to the new way of eating it will settle down. Are you using all your Syns? If you are try cutting back. If you aren't try adding some! Sounds strange but it works
Good advice Taz , with cutting back on the syns . But you have lost allot of weight so let the body work out whats happening and it will go the right direction
dont get down about it we all have weeks where we sts or put on even if we have stuck to it. keep going!! you will get there!!
ps write down everything, i just found out something i thought was free was 10 syns (meat free beef style peices from asda) as i thought it was the same as quorn and i was having it all the time. if it happens again, go through your books and just check that your not missing something that should be syned, it can happen very easily.
Thanks girls, i do 5 original days with just a couple of green ones thrown in between, i am writing down all my foods so i will have to start comparing weeks.
I am well under my sins, the only ones i seem to use are my tomato ketchup or salad cream both are low fat as well.
I might have to cut back on the mullers and bananas, at least 2 bananas and 3 muller lights a day.
Jus x

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