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gonna-be-slim xenical weigh in dairy!!

ok hi my name is gillian and i,m a greedy pig!lol i,ve managed to eat myself to 20st 4lbs:eek: went to the doc on the 13.01.10 n asked for reductil 2 help reduce my portion size well lost 11lbs(5kgs) in 2wks and reductil was my best friend with no side effects at all.UNTIL my friend who is a pharmacist says they had to send it all back. so yesterday i went to my docs and he said thats right and there is no other appetite suppresents to prescibe so he has given me xenical to try. my OH and kids think its hilarious as they have focused on the "side effects"!!!! thats kids eh! i,m sure if i had a public "side effect" that would be even funnier! so i will laugh myself thin with them!
so weighing in every 1wks i think! to date its 11lbs with reductil so we will see wot xenical does!
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Go on smile! =)
Welcome to the xenical family gillian, side effects are very rare if you stick to the fat rule. Wish you all the best with it im sure you'll do great.


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im sure as red has said, if you stick to the rules then you wont have any of those embarrising moments....
Welcome, Gillian and well done on not getting demotivated by the Reductil thing. Xenical is great and it's the threat of those dreaded side effects that keeps us all on the straight and narrow. Tell your kids they'll have to get their laughs elsewhere :D
Hello & welcome! I've been on Xenical for amlost 5 weeks now and had no side effects due to sticking to the fat rule. Good luck! you'll do great xx
thanks so much for ur warm welcome everyone! having read all ur acheivements has given me hope to let the battle commence! had a good day at work having a lunch hour used to be eat for hour! so thats the first thing to change!
the affect of the reductil have def worn off today feeling a tad peckish 4 the first time in wks. so i made 4portions of sugar free jelly to have on stand by. So i went to the gym n burned 500 cals i was really knackered so will hopefully see a difference in a few weeks when i,m not. going to gym tomorrow morning then go for a swim after will set me up 4 the day. anyone got anything they always have in the house if the feel peckish to munch on??
Hi gillian

as others have said welcome to Xenical. I have been taking it for just over month now and have not experienced the ugly side effects that others have had...went to the doctor for reductil as it had been suggested before when I was still breastfeeding and they would prescribe it when I had stopped....however my surgery had already decided to stop it.

So I had this alternative...and have to say it works for me and actually food is no longer ruling my choices and it is suppressing my appeitite even if just through fear!!! lol

As to munchies....did have a box of frosties and had some dry...but not able to keep them in house as would continue to eat them! Sponge fingers are good for quick sugary fix, tube of fruit gums lasts forever but limited calories (I think) and sliver of malt loaf.....

What ever works lol
good luck and keep posting
hi all its my first day today on xenical all my friends have tried to put me off it but i figure if i stick to foods that are less than 5% i should be ok im really hoping i can stick to it :) i wanna be slim for summer x can i just ask if eggs give u the dreaded side effects x x cheers
Hey the best way to stick to it is to stick with minimins checking out everyones diaries and there success makes you believe you can do it .. also everyones like a big family with the support i couldnt of lost all mine with out them :D x
cheers lizzie long legs think cereal is a gd idea i made jelly yesterday too..
kittyketts welcome n good luck i think i,d stay away fi eggs? i think they are high in fat!
as for ur friends trying to put u off think how smug u can be n how jealous ur friends will be when u make it work for you!!
Free Calorie Counter, Diet & Exercise Journal | MyFitnessPal.com i followed this which was posted to warren by redkoala it was a great help (thanks redkoala) u put ur details in and it tells u how many cals to eat and how much 2 exercise for ur weight height and how much u want to loose weekly.
now i,m self taught on laptop n not that great but i managed a ticker by following directions on how to use the forum!so best do that! good luck.x
so been doing for 5 days not n must admit it all ok. i,m feeling quite drivin n although i,m watching wot i eat i think at lot is to do with ur frame of mind n i think exercise is keeping me feeling up>(did i actually say that) i was the person driving past the people jogging going "why" i dont get it?? but i think i am kinda am dont see myself out jogging coz i,m only at a fast walk on the treadmill wi an incline up n back down again. bit this week i have..
tue- gym 30mins n 10lengths swim
thursday- 30mins gym
fri-30mins gym n 10lengths swim
sat- 15 lengths swim
went to the stables this morning n stayed there all day n took a ww macaroni for lunch. took the dogs with me n went for a massive uphill walk through fields my daughter actually biked up approx 5miles then rode 2ponies then i took her n her pals swimming wi me(i made them shower before they got in the pool) i am very determind she will not end up like me n tryn to give her good healthy habits. n she gong skiing up glenshee tomorrow.lol i.m at work 2moz:( neither of us will be able to walk on monday after this weekend!


fatgirl slim! lol
That link wont work :( i wanna join it lol! Well done on the whole exercise hun....i found it hard to get into but now im hooked! I get up to go gym at 6am before work and does me for the whole day...plus its nice n quiet! Havent plucked the courage to go swimmin yet though due to paranoia knowing everyone who works there and not wanting to be seen in a cossie lol!
My workmates give me grief about the side effects lol i just ignore it!
I like to keep snackajacks on standby...the salt n vinegar ones are wkd and i like ryvita minis yummy and theyre both lower in fat but only limit yaself! crisps are my weakness!!!! If you have a sweet tooth try out weightwatchers puddings...they have a chocolate brownie one and a caramel crunch i swear by them if i get a craving! ive lost weight and had no side effects so theyre def a good thing lol....good luck hun and keep me updated on ya progress x x
thanks backhander. my gym is in a brand new sports complex and has 4000 members..it is really busy all the time at the moment! as 4 the swimming i am bigger than u n i just pretend i do stuff like that all the time?lol my sugar fix is pink n whites marshmallow wi wafer on half a point each.mmmm
ok this a me 1week on from starting xenical and i,ve lost......5lbs bringing my total to 16lbs so chuft i,ve just treated myself big time...i,ve put a deposit on something big well small but will be big and whether i can use is entirely up to my weight lose..i wonder if any of u guys can guess what it is. as uz dont really know me if u can guess i will have to live with the fact im transparent .lol


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wow thats great.... and thats a great thing to do, is to treat yourself with things other than food!!
great job!

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