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Good bits vs bad bits

Here I am again, questioning the whole CD just to find out what I should expect.
Got my CDC meeting tonight and even though all your stories and support is very inspiring, I am a bit worried about giving up the food.
I know food is not my friend but it has been so good to me over the years. Quenching my thirst for love and affection by eating crisps, cakes and pasties has made me overweight. But its something that has always been there.
I hope with weight loss, my new more confident self will be able to get the love and attention I crave in other ways.

Please tell me I am not mad.

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So tell me,
what are the best and worst things about CD?
what do you miss?
Best it for me is the instant results and seeing the scales going down and down.

The worse bit for me is missing the social side of eating.


Queen of the Damned
Best bits : feeling in control or what I am doing, and knowing that as long as I stick with it, I will get the results

Bad bits : tis definitely the social side of eating, and sometimes the feeling of missing out on doing something so 'normal' as eating.


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Quick weightloss is a big YES!!! As are MOST of the flavours, the peanut bars are as nice as any choc bars, I think so anyway. Constipation, no booze & not eating are the worst bits.
Good luck.


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hrm.....I dunno. The whole no social eating really isn't a problem for me. I'm quite happy to sit in a restaurant with my friends and have a coffee when they are eating everything. I still get to be social.

Eating really isn't very social for me, it was always done alone or with other half at the time.

I think the best bits are ketosis for the energy and happiness and general night light feeling, weight loss being so quick and nice skin etc from all the water not to mention being nice and nutritioned for once in my life!!

Downsides?? erm....dragon breath? being a bit cold? Having to deal with being upset, angry, bored, happy etc without munching the contents of my kitchen!! (but is that really a bad thing?)

Thats about it for me.

Couldn't care less about not drinking and the packs are rather nice so no complaints there!

Peachy....you're not mad. You're just used to having food as something you can turn to.........but if we think about it, it's not really been that useful has it? food doesn't love you or show you affection. We need to start seeing it for what it is....yes, it tastes nice but it's there to keep us alive....not to be some sort of emotional crutch (which sounds totally ridiculous cause it's not alive!!!)

All very confusing!!

Stop worrying and just get on with it, when you worry about all the things you are missing - the good things that are happening are missed too!!

Stop worrying and just get on with it, when you worry about all the things you are missing - the good things that are happening are missed too!!

Think thats a really good piece of advice,
am getting excited now and can't wait to start.
slim peachy here i come
Good bits - People telling you that you look well, waxing lyrical about the fab diet you are on, scales going down, knowing that you are doing something good and there are no negative aspects of losing weight ( so long as you are being sensible of course)

BAd bits - Maybe seeming a bit diet obsessed! Having to plan ahead ( meal at lunch v's dinner - but not so bad). ALways needing the loo really badly. Having to explain to potential date why your menu choice is limited and there will be no sharing of dessert coz you can't have any!! :)

Hope all mondays are going well

S xxx


Silver Member
Best Bits
the best thing Ive ever done is this diet, going from a tight size 20 into a comfortable size 14 in just 16 weeks.
shopping for clothes and making decisions on what I like rather than what will fit.
Feeling better than I have in a long time.
Blood pressure dropping dramatically
Looking forward to friends wedding and considering what I can buy to wear.
Getting compliments daily on how I look

Worst Bids
Social life a lot harder but will soon be much better.
Missing food on some days but I must be honest not every day.
Constipation.....this has to be the worst. Ive tried everything that others have and it still plagues me but I consider it a small price to pay.
Being cold at the start but not as much now.

I dont regret starting and you should look forward to it, you wont regret it.
Best bits about cambridge ss diet the weight comes off fast,you feel good about your self,your are in control and your meals are so easy to make no preparing.
People want to know how you lost the weight so fast and are amazed at how fast you change and lose weight.
Bad bits about the cambridge ss diet no food,tried,think about food all the time,hard to stick to ss.
But you do and you can too,good luck we are all here to help you
love kirsty

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