good news and some progress


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Thanks to all

I had a real wobble yesterday - week 3 ss and stuck for a whole week. Am going to give my scales to neighbour (daily weigh too depressing) but I'm going to to Sunday to Sunday weigh in so I had a quick weight this morning.

Well - after being cheered up by you guys I had 4.5 litres of water (stayed in near loo!) allk day. Lost 2lbs this morning, and more than that tried on my two pairs of size 16 'goal' trousers. Wheey heyyyy - from not being able to get them over my thighs a month a ago I can now do them up. They are a bit too 'muffin top' to go out in. But the buttons fastened and the zips went up!!. I am so, so, motivated now to continue. I am sure in two more weeks I'll be able to wear the trousers out....

I'll drink lots and lots today (loo proximity) and see what happens. I am so pleased.

I think i would have 'fallen off' yesterday without the forum.
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Ooooh I can't wait to get into a size 16!!

Well done for sticking it out, drinking the water and losing the scales! :)


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Well done Dani,

You are doing brilliantly. :)

Its a wonderful feeling to start being able to get back into clothes that were too small, and I know myself what a great motivational thing it is.

Keep up the great work.

Deb x

mrs tweedy

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Thats fab news Dani, just remember in the future that if you have followed the diet then you WILL have lost weight no matter what the scales say! I'm glad you didn't give up, and glad the weight is moving for you again!



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Well done, brill feeling!