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Good things I am noticing LOL


Sensibly losing :)
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Thought I would start something we can all add to, add our good points that are beginning to show as a bit of incentive for us and maybe some newer-bies that come on!!

So, I was out pegging washing today and I put my hand down to pick up some more from the basket and my rings came clean off my fingers and I had to find them in the grass! LOL! As well as panicking and scurrying to find them, it also pleased me as its proof its all working! I now have my 2 special rings from my wedding ring finger on my middle finger instead... So I am gonna have to get them altered as I look like a single lady now and dont have a proper eternity ring.. and lets face it, with me gonna be slinky soon I need to look 'spoken for' so they dont start beating my door down ;) LMFAO!

Got a squeeze off the OH at the weekend and it actually hurt my ribs at the sides..!! Thats certainly never happened before...! (the idiot spoilt it by adding 'ah now you are losing weight again you can really feel that can you '..!! PLONKER!!!)

I am losing my undies as a regular occurence and need to go shopping asap or people may start to talk -its a good job I dont wear skirts at the moment! ;)

I have SUCH a clean house! PMSL! Like now, I have just made lasagne and garlic bread.. and if I sit at the table I will start picking or be jealous... so I clean... I am standing waiting for dirty dishes when they are still eating!! LOL! I am finding this the best way to deal with things, I can deal with the kids lunches n brekkie but do feel I miss out when the family eat after OH been at work everyday! This is my solution!

Oh and shrinking boobies - that had already shrunk WAY too much beforehand.. OH is such a boob man and quite frankly hes been cheated ;) LOL!

Had loads earlier but mind gone blank, will pop back when the rugrats are in bed!! :)

So go on spill, what have you all noticed???
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Ok good things...i can do this lol.
Yeah i agree with the ring finger joy....told my H2B last week that it kept falling off my finger, am now reallly careful when doing housework lmao.
My skin and fingernails are healthier.
My periods aren't hurting much anymore.
My smallest jeans are now falling off and i dont have a belt (quite embarassing actually lol)
Bra size has gone down 2 sizes.
Shoes are roomier
And i'm sleeping sooo much better...unless i drink too much water before bed lmao
S: 18st11lb C: 14st6lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 33.6 Loss: 4st5lb(23.19%)
I had my knickers fall down in Morrisons lol. luckily i was wearing jeans so could have been worse!!!
I now fit into size 18 jeans instead of size 22!
Smaller bra,
My feet no longer resemble pasties lol
My back fat has gone!
Rings alot more comfortable
I can lie on my belly in bed alot easier and my belly doesnt try to peek out of the sides lol


Full Member
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1 of my chins have gone :L:L
my work clothes are getting to big!!
saggie bum in my jeans!!
my nice jeans are loose!!
My skin has cleared up( must be all the water!!)

All this only after two weeks can wait until more stuff happens!!

Cham Pers

size 8 by July
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One of my tummy rolls has gone! :)
My bras actually fit now, was over spilling before and now they look good! Ive got big boobs and felt like they made me look fatter so now im enjoying them being shown off next to my slimmer tummy! :)
Im looking forward to my whole new wardrobe and also getting my arms on show. Still not ready yet gotta lose more but getting excited about NOT having to wear long sleeves. :)
My hubby is happy because im feeling sexy at night time! Lol
Normally always wear leggings but now can get into 14 jeans!
Enjoying the onset of spring, normally dread the warmer weather coz ive got nothing to wear except big baggy ugly tops.:)

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