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Good treadmil?


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I've only just got one... but for walking. Wouldn't be any use for you if you want to run. The same website does have higher-grade treadmills though.... and all seem much less than elsewhere? Perhaps you could have a look? (simplyfitnessequipment co uk) Mine was ordered 7am one working day and delivered the following day.


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I got mine from Lastminute.com auction. site. I dont know if they still do them. The site seems to have changed.

I would be beware of buying one secondhand as one of my Clients did and the motor went kaputt in a couple of days and cost her £200 to get mended.
Hi Are these treadmills good for toning legs and thighs What are the ones like where you have to start it going yourself and how long do you use them for
Bethany, If you mean a manual treadmill? I used to have one a few years ago and it was hard to coordinate and use comfotably. I would NEVER get one again. If you can afford to, get one with a motor. They work much better. There are lots of cheaper versions around now... you can pay anything from £200 all the way up to £5,000.
First thing to do is sit down with pen and paper and work out exactly what you want it to do? Is it for walking only? Do you want to run too? Will you be likely to need it for fast running? Work out the sort of speed you'll need it to do. The cheaper ones have a lower top speed. Also how big do you want the jumps in speed? Some increase the speed by fifths of a kmh whereas other only increase by full kmh.
Have you ever used a one in a gym? If not, I suggest you look round your local gym's. Some allow a free trial with introduction to the equipment. This would let you get a feel for speeds and how to safely use them. Will help you decide which would suit you best.
Mine was bought for walking only... I have a hip replacment and running will shorten the life of the false joint... it works great for what I want.... and goes much faster than I'll ever need. Cost me £250. I love it !

BTW any walking is good toning exercise for hips/thighs/legs/butt. If you have someone to go with you it's nice to walk round local parks and that's free!
Hi Lesley
I just want one for walking and tone legs and bottom that all dont want one for the running or jogging with these motorised ones do they go very fast and make you out of breath i cant get to a gym
Mine starts at 0.8km/hr which is very slow and top speed is 12 km/hr. I'm walking at either 2km/hr or 3km/hr dpending how energetic I feel. 2km/hr I find a nice slow stroll... ideal for me. 3km/hr is a good walking speed... I can do this for a little while, but then have to slow it. I am still recovering from an operation to my hip so not as fast as most people would be. Mine is motorised.


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Hi Bethany, have you thought of hiring a treadmill to see which one suits you? My trainer has recommended Treadmill Hire, Fitness Equipment Hire, Elliptical Trainers, Rowing Machines, Exercise Bikes, Fitness Franchise UK and you can hire machines for as little as 4 weeks which will giv eyou a real indication as to whatone you want, and you can always buy from them if you decide you'dlike to buy one, and hand it back and try another if not...I'm going to do this as soon as I get my room sorted. Good luck - Joe
That's a much higher spec treadmill than mine for only 100 more! And you get a 12 month guarantee? And 7 day return? It does look good deej!


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Hi Deej, did you get the treadmill, on first look they look fantastic prices...I need to look further though to see about guarantees etc, but certainly impressive!



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No, I haven't got one yet. I am running outside at the moment but I am thinking about getting one so that I can keep going over the winter. I don't want to run in the dark on my own!!

If you do get one let me know how you get on!!