got alot to lose


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Hi hun - when I wanted to lose 5 stone, I took it in baby steps, treating myself when I got to the 1 stone, 2 stone markers but always kept my target weight in the back of my mind.

I found it useful to buy a new dress in a smaller size and kept trying it on until eventually it fitted!

Best of luck to you and please just shout if you need any help!


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hiya, ive always done the small goal thing but the big goal is always in my mind and that puts me off as it always seems like a losing battle!
this time im taking it 4 stone at a time and should lose all my weight in 3 'goes' as ive about 12 stone to lose. but ive promised myself if i feel ok to stop after the first 4 stone or the 2nd ill stop. that way i dont have to do it all in one slog so to speak, good luck xx