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Got measured at bravissimo today!


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Ive been wearing a 46E for years and on Wednesday I got measured at Evans and they said I was a 46C. I said "theres no way I'm a C" they said "yes you are". So any way I tried on a bra and everything seemed to be on order, lol! Lifted my arms and everything stayed in place (you larger boobed ladies will know exactly what I mean, lol). Anyway I bought the bra and wore it the next day. Trying it on in a shop and wearing it in real life are two different thingS. Back straps started riding up and boobs falling out the top and bottom, hee hee. I decided to go to Bravissimo on the recommendation of INDIGO.SEAHORSE :D thank you :D. Well, they dont measure you with a tape, they ask what size you are wearing now and see how it fits you and go on that. She gets me into a 38G would you believe it and it fits like a glove. But I'm not going to be tricked so I give it the test, start jumping up and down and jigging about and everything stays put it feels fab and my boobs look great and they are that high that everytime I look down it takes me by surprise, lol. It has given me my waist back :D. I bought 2 bras and couldnt stop smiling and looking at myself in shop windows all the way home :D:D:D.
Anyone who hasnt been measured, go to Bravissimo they are excellent!

BTW INDIGO.SEAHORSE, that dress looks fab now :D.
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:D Was just day dreamimg about being a 32D, one day.....


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They are fantastic. I went from a 36 DD, to a proper, well fitting 30G. I'm currently a 34 E, which is right for the weight I've gained. when I'm at target I'll be back to a 30 G/32 F. I love being in a proper\well fitted bra.


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I decided to get meaured there last year. best thing ive ever done. I was wearing a 40h and I was always pulling up the traps and running my fingers under the back band. since they measured me, im now wearing a bra that i dont need to touch all day!! I have a 15 year old daughter and i now buy all her bras frm there also. I would advise EVERYONE to get measured there. What dif it makes, spesh if u are big busted, like me


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Ive had a nightmare with bravissimo it wasnt that the bras didnt fit the quality of the goods was pants i have taken about 6 bras back since october, bravissimo to me are very over rated
Oh dear, that's not so good. I get my bra's from Simply Yours online, they stock a variety of labels. I have to order a few sizes, since they do vary between makes, but find Freya and Young Attitude to be good for me, wheras Panache are terrible on me, so to are Wonderbra.

I tend to buy 3-4 cheapy ones when I manage to get to a big Primark, my local one is smalll so doesn't stock the funny sizes I need. They also vary between design, I grabbed 2 the other week, not having tkime to try them on, both 34 E, one massive, one too small. Katie Price's range are hit and miss, as are Asda and Tesco.

We bigger busted ladies really don't have it easy.

Also M & S measuring are terrible. ON larger boobs, tape measure method really doesn't work, you need to go on what you're currently working and work from there.

I keep trying to get my friend to go, she has the '4 boob' problem lol but she won't have it. I've told her how to figure out her size, but she still has problems.


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Last time I was measured in M&S they told me I needed a 42A but nobody makes them!
I love Bravissimo and would buy from them every time if I had the money. I went for a fitting when I reached my target 10 years ago and have never looked back (well in the bra department not the slimming one that is). ;)

I registered with them online and they send you catalogues and sales info when they come out - you have to be quick but they are good.

I also do what evenesco recommended and get the same size in M&S - usually works well but are half the price - for everyday bras this works well (ordering online over
[FONT=&quot]£[/FONT]30 quid is free if you find the code on their site).

Also treated myself to a bra sized bikini top for holidays from Bravissimo when we go sailing (only the hubby gets to see!!!). Was [FONT=&quot]£35 but worth every penny and is still going strong 4 years on.


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I used to be a bra fitter at john lewis and also bravissimo, and yeah it changed my life!!
Crappy M&S put me in a 40D!!!!!!! When in actual fact i was fitting in a 36G!!!

(since the diet i'm now a 36F!!)

But its shocking, how much a difference it makes to your life!


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Do bras vary from make to make like clothes do?

hmmm yes and no

by varying it is usually a very minor thing, for example it might just bit a bit tighter and looser

However i know many women who're fitted at bravissimo ie in a 34F...go to M&S and still fit in a 34F, give or take one size +-

The way they bra fit you however does vary shop to shop..

On another forum I did this really good post and lingerie thread, basically with a 'bra guide'- do you want me to post it here?
I love bravissimo, i found them about two years ago, was told i was a 36 DD, and infact i was a 38 GG. Hurrendous i know!

anyways, needless to say iv never looked back.. but i find brastop.com have all thier bras for half the price.. as they can be expensive! x


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On another forum I did this really good post and lingerie thread, basically with a 'bra guide'- do you want me to post it here?
Yes please

But its shocking, how much a difference it makes to your life!
So true, It not only makes your clothes fit better, it gives so so much more confidence!


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Yes - I was fitted by Bravissimo when they came to my workplace. They had me a 36F when I've never been fitted bigger than an E in any other shop even when I was at my largest size.

So why to other shops get it so badly wrong?
So why to other shops get it so badly wrong?
Could it be anything to do with not stocking anything bigger than an E or F cup in most shops? Why tell you you are a size they can't sell you!

On that front, La Senza - bloody useless since taking over from Contessa. They're max cup size is an F - no good for us G's and over.

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