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Got the body armour ready...

OK so I am going to see Madge (yey!) and my goal by then is to be 10st which will mean I have lost a heck of a lot...

But I won't have reached my target (yet) what I really wanted to do was to go with my friend for a meal beforehand, not talking a carby meal but steak or chicken... some veg maybe.

Please don't shoot me down, it would be my little reward for getting that far, and I would be back on LT the next day.. how do I know this? Because I am determined to get to my goal.

So my advice to you is what could I have? Chicken/steak? what veg?

Will it upset my tummy? don't fancy missing madge...

I won't be drinking, I just ant a little 3/4 of the way reward..

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Wouldnt shoot ya down hon its totally your choice what you do and if your psyched up enough to get back on it the day after then go for it. I would personally have the chicken as its leaner than steak and for veg if you dont go for salad then green stuff is best cabbage, brocolli n stuff, id avoid carrotts n spuds if you can as the spuds will deffo knock you out of ketosi.

I felt a bit full up when i had my salad but i didnt actually feel sick just like you do after christmas dinner when you know you shouldnt have had that last roastie

the meal i had on hols was basically what you get in a subway salad with chicken one day and tuna the next (tho it wasnt subway i wantto get out of the subway habit) i had a bit of sweetcorn with it also which didnt seem to do any harm

Hope this helps have fun watching madge and get back on the horse the day after xx
Oh yeah no carbs for sure I was thinking maybe chicken, peas and broc...


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You could have any protein plus some green veggies or salad. A nice chicken salad would be delish or steak with brocolli, cauli (I know its not green lol), green beans etc...no pots or carrots as previously mentioned. Speaking from experience, its not as easy to get straight back into it as you think, but with determination, I'm sure you'll do it hun.
If I were half way there, I would join you :);)

Just taking a flapjack myself so have a bite or 3 for me won't you
I think I'm gonna have a meal... if i get to 10st I will be 63/64kg and will have 4kg to go, which would approx be a week/week and half left on LT after it, I am soo determined to get my goal I just would like to have a normal night out... jinnie where are you sitting? PM me I might see you! :D
We were lucky enough to get gold circle, so up on our feet for all the evening (thinking exercise lol) Where are you in the stadium?

I would love to pm you but I don't have that privilege yet, few more posts to get it I think :)
oh ok....... ive changed my mind no meal till target or very near target! Thanks u guys, worried I won't be able to continue :(
Good guy/gal:) lol your nickname gives nothing away:confused:
Oh sorry I'm a girl very much so hehehe you're one post away from being able to PM :D
Wooo hooo I can pm!

So are you going to take a flapjack or mix a shake?
Mix a shake, I'm in block 207 if u see some lassie shaking an evian bottle like nothing on earth - that's me :D lol
:cry:don't think I can yet ......... could it be 100 posts?
i did atkins a while ago...and I think peas have more carbs

I vaguely remember having green salads, brocoli, cabbage and cauliflower. I think peas have more natural sugars in them

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