got to dance


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She was amazing but so were the 2 that did get through, I couldn't call it!! I wonder if they'll do some sort of wildcard type thing? I also think it's quite nice that it's not all kids getting through this year just because they're kids, I do think Akai deserved to win last year but wasn't as convinced about the box and jukebox juniors last year!!


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I wanted lauren and Octavia to go through, but I did say I wouldn't mind if the 2 girls got through.

That thing when they moved their legs round there heads while laying on the floor was amazing I had to rewind and watch again. What!!! How !!! :eek::eek:

I also thought the same about a wildcard, maybe a judges vote type thing.


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the thing is, is that they said that the marshall arts one wasnt about dancing but the two girls werent either, they were doing gymnastics. i think that they got through as they had northern island routing for them and Lauren had scotland. Octavia wouldnt have stood a chance.