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got to get a grip!!

Hi every1!!
Well started back cd last monday after coming off for my holidays--and then some-- but since i started back i just cant seem to get back on ss 100%!!
its so frustrating knowing how well i did it before and i want it just as much if not more!!
anyway im taking drastic measures, my bro is coming to stay with me all weekend and he is kind of like my official cd prison officer! he has been ordered not to let me eat under any circumstances and to talk me out of it and make me see the reasons why im doing it when i hit that--i dont care i just wanna eat-- phase!
each time i do eat im so disappointed, i feel like if i just get by these first few days then i'll be fine like last time!!

anyway wish me luck for 2moro!!
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Good luck hunny, you can do it.....you just need to be strong and stubborn with yourself for a few days x


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You can do it!
Be strong!
Good luck xx
I struggled to get back into it when I came back off holiday in May. I ended up doing the odd AAM for about 3 weeks and slowly cut down on the amount that I allowed myself until I was back on SS 100%.
Good luck hun and I hope your brother isn't to hard on you!;)
Hi sweetie, you can do it, you just have to think of all the reasons you're doing it and how cheating is slowing everything down. Are you working towards losing wieght for a special occasion or event, you could keep counting how many days you have left and see that you need to get back on it. Thats what works for me.

I have been picking abit since CDC has been on holiday and need to get my ass back into gear aswell.

PM me if you need a buddy

Good luck for tmrw :) xx
thanku all for support!!

maybebaby-- i suppose my birthday is an occassion i could set a goal for, its the 6th of November and i would just love to have a big night out with my girlfriends and not be the fattest girl there feeling that every1 is thinking how fat i am and staring at me--paranoia!

how much do u guys think i could lose from now til then?? i'm 16 and a half at the mo and big restart 2moro xx
i would just love to have a big night out with my girlfriends and not be the fattest girl there feeling that every1 is thinking how fat i am and staring at me--paranoia!
Aww babez, dont think that. No1 will be thinking that you're the biggest girl there. Instead, they'll be saying, WOW, LOOK AT THAT GORJUS GYAL OVER THERE ENJOYING HERSELF, I WISH I WAS HER!!;)

If you put your mind to it you can definatley lose the weight. Nov is about 3-4 months away, so you could defo lose about 3 and abit stone by then.

Just keep busy tmrw and get through the first week and you'll be fine babez xx


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Good Luck for tomorrow.
When you feel like eating just think which you want more. That piece of food or to be slim.
Remember you only need to fight the hunger until ketosis kicks in and you should then be back in the groove.
you can do it - look forward to looking fab for November - good luck for the weekend. Remember the first few days are the worst then it gets easier
good luck and you can do it xx


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whenever you feel the need to eat have a glass of water and get bust to take your mind off it, take a walk so you are not near any food too!!!!
good luck hunni you will be fine!!!!!!

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