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GP refused to sign my forms for VLCD.

Hey, ya'll,

I have been having great success (31 pounds so far). However,the day I started with CD, I handed my forms in to the GP with a letter, saying that I would prefer to try Cambridge first, and not see the surgeon regarding gastric bypass surgery (for which I had been referred). I felt that, if I could do it myself, without a permanent restriction, that it would be better for me in the long run. I thought this was really sensible...yeah?

I only just received the forms back (my CDC let me start before having them signed, as I am an RGN, etc.) with a letter from his secretary saying, "The practice does not endorse VLCD so Dr. xxx will not sign these forms. Our practice prefers that individuals follow a low fat diet and take exercise." Then added, "Dr. xxx wishes you the best in your attempts at weight loss."

Sydney Fuddrucker!!!!!:mad:

I can't believe this...as if the bypass isn't a forever-after VLCD! :banghead:

However, I had been adding a meal this past week, (and still lost 10 pounds!:p :p :p ). So, my CDC and I have opted for the 1200 cal. plan (taking 2 Cambridge shakes per day). Suits me fine. This way I do not have to have a GP's approval. So much for sense.

Sometimes I am embarrassed to say that I work for the NHS. :eek:

BTW, did you know that the Department of Health changed it's logo from DoH to DH, because of Homer Simpson?:doh:

It's TRUE!!!:rotflmao:

(I think they should have kept it as doh, because it is more appropriate.)

I hope that none of the forum monitors is on my local Health Board...

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what a twat.
we've all done the "low fat & exersize" route & failed which is why we are here doing CD.
i am also an RN, you'd think they'd respect our professional opinion & integrity to know what we are doing - oops sorry its doctors i'm talking about, they who know all !:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
good luck hun


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mine very reluctantly sign mine when i did LL 2 years ago. it was only because he knows thw family situation he did. the whole surgery was against VLCD. with CD as my BMI is just under 40 i didnt need to get signed off.
Well, I will consider myself very fortunate then. I had a wonderful lady GP who not only signed my forms but also refused to charge the practice fees and told me that she wished that more people would follow CD as it's one of the safest diets on the market!

It's a shame that she's now gone on to pastures new.

Could those of you who couldn't get their forms signed, not get them signed by a pharmacist or suchlike?

I know that LLoyds and some Morrison's pharmacies do BP testing etc and will give you a health check - possibly signing your form for you ;) Worth asking :D


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Isn't it strange that the govt are worried about obesity, yet you can go to the Doctors and they'll hand out pills, ops etc - but when you ask for a form to be signed so you can take control of your eating and do something constructive they refuse!
I have a really supportive GP, who was more than happy to sign by medical form. She has a friend who had been on LL


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My GP said (and I quote) "If you were my wife I would starve you rather than give you a gastric band." Then he charged me £20, for the priviledge of a 5 minute medical!!! My practice nurse is very anti - VLCD, and asked me how I would cope on 500cals a day, being a wife and mother of two. I said "Just fine, along with the other 25 6 year olds I work with all day every day" She then expressed grave concern for me.

Did I forget to mention that she is built like a matchstick and I would be happy to bet she never had an ounce of flab in all her skinny life.


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Aaaaaaaaargh!! My GP drove me to madness.

I think you should push it. If they do not have MEDICAL grounds to say no (which they don't btw in regards to safety of the diet) I see no reason why they cannot sign the form.

Fine if they want to charge for the paperwork and time but they should ruddy well sign it.

All they are signing for is to say that any meds you are on are correct and the dosage and also to take your blood pressure and check general wellbeing. They aren't taking any responsibilty for you or asking for their permission!:mad:
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There's no consistancy in the NHS - and there lies the rub. Some doctors actively approve, some begrudgingly consent and others staunchly refuse. It's a farce!

It's about time the 'powers that be' in the NHS got their fuzzy little heads together, studied the evidence Re VLCDs and then issued their findings to every GPs practice country-wide. The treatment of obesity shouldn't be at the mercy of a doctor's subjectivity (or plain ignorance).

Can you imagine if a cancer patient was denied chemotherapy simply because their doctor 'didn't approve of it'?

In the NICE guidelines December 2006 VLCD's are recognised as a valid option for weightloss, this is a great breakthrough with the medical profession. Additionally, you do have the right to request your preferrred option for weightloss.

Ask your CDC to liaise with Gillian Walshaw our Medical Officer.



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I'm glad I didn't need my doc's approval.

when I told him I was on cd I got a huge lecture about how EVERYONE puts the weight back on, and I should just eat a sensible diet.

why didn't I think of that? grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!! If it was that simple, everyone would be skinny!!!!


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Oh Texasmorning, I am so sorry to hear about your GP although your fab sense of humour did make me smile. A friend of mine went to the doctor to lose weight and was hoping he would give her a diet plan but he just wanted to give her anti-depressants??!!!!!!!!! :eek: I was disgusted. Say no more!

Good luck losing weight. It's your body and you can do what you want!!
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Ah hun, that is really pants! My GP was really positive that I wanted to actively do something to improve my health and said that if more people were like me it would save the NHS millions! LMAO and then another doctor says no to you? I cant understand some of these so-called professionals!!

Maybe get a new doctor who is supportive of your weight loss intentions? xx
Texas morning - there will be a private GP nearby who might well give you the go ahead - when i started LL we were given the name and number of someone who approved of VLCD. Might it be worth asking your CDC if they know of anyone?


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my gp was really supportive was signing the forms as i was speaking to her
Thank you all. Even though I was shocked by his response, I am quite happy to continue with the 1000-1200 plan just now. I've carried this weight for 40 years, maybe the slower approach will help to prevent the 'slag heap' effect. If my loss slows to a crawl, I will seek out another GP pronto. I do not want to lose the edge!!

You have heard the answer to the non-surgical face lift?
Go bra-less...it pulls the wrinkles out of your face!!!



Have a serene day!!
Hi Tex, I was one of the lucky ones, and now the Hospital have discharged me and my Doctor there wanted me to speak to his other patients about how I lost the weight and that he wished there were more like me out there.

You will probably find that if you do start to slow on the loss that you will by then have lost enough not to need a doctors signature so one in the eye for them.

PS Love the sense of humour - made me snigger!!!

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