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Pretty fab as far as I am concerned. I'm into Blueberries at the moment, stirred into Fat free Nat yogurt with some sweetner. hhmmm mmm delish.


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Ye they can b expensive, i dnt buy from supermarket tho. I go to a fruit and vwg shop!! Oooohhh im gunna try that blueberry n yog!! Necterines are nice with yog too!! Xxx

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Frozen grapes are yummy too:D


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oh, i do wish we had a fruit and veg shop:wave_cry:


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I get my blueberries frozen from morrisons,350g for £2


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That is one of the things I will miss when I come back to live in the U.K. as we grow our own grapes. the Moscatel variety and they are awesome.
Straight of the vine they are sooooooo good !!!


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mmmmmmmm grapes! lovely tasty things. shame the price is not so tasty.
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Loooooooooooooooooooooooove Grapes!!!!! I devoured a whole tub over the weekend!! OOPS! Red ones though.....not so keen on green! :p


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We brought some grapes from asda the other week, they were the size of golf balls lol..i thought they might of been green gages (or whatever they're called) but tasted like grapes. Couldnt get over the size of 'em. Lovely jubbly :D