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Great article! Makes sense ...!

I read this article & thought i would share it, all about positive thinking, really good!

Copied from 'The Diet Guy' blog

I Don't Want To Die

Focus On What You Want And Not What You Don't Want
Most dieters actually perceive themselves to be quite positive about their weight and their lives. They are taking action and moving on but what they say will very much dictate the results they will get.

What they think is a positive mindset is actually based on fear and what they don't want, as opposed to optimism and what they do want.

Let me give you some examples.

How many times have you said or heard other people say

1. I don't want to die
2. I don't want to be the fat mum in the playground
3. I don't want people to laugh at me
4. I don't want to wear big clothes
5. I don't want to go to a wedding looking like I do now
6. I don't want to get on a plane when I can't fit in the seat
7. I don't want to go on holiday looking like this

etc etc etc

But all of these require you to feel bad! They all require you to think about the thing that upsets you, hence you have to feel upset or uncomfortable. Therefore, if you desperately don't want people to laugh at you for being overweight, you then think about it, you then feel bad so you then use food to cheer yourself up. You then are in a vicious circle.

So what do you really want? Most dieters don't know, or won't allow themselves to think about it, dream it, imagine it and then do it.

So let's turn around those six points above, what if you said instead.

1. I want to live
2. I want to look great in the playground
3. I want people to wolf whistle me
4. I want to wear that new dress I saw in the shop window
5. I want to look fantastic at that wedding
6. I want to bounce about in my airline seat with room for three others
7. I want to have the holiday of a lifetime

It's just a decision to change what you don't want to what you do want. Even better of course is once you had decided what you do want is to make it even stronger by deciding to do it.


1. I will live my life and love it!
2. I will look amazing in that playground, in fact I'll look amazing wherever I am, and whatever I am doing.
3. I will have people say how great I look, and I'll know that I look great.
4. I will wear that dress I really want, and I will feel great in it.
5. I will look amazing on that wedding day.
6. I will get on that plane and make a point of sharing my seat with at least one of the cabin crew.
7. I will have the holiday of a lifetime

And then don't doubt it, go ahead and do it!

If you don't know what you want though then you will always be in neutral and not move forwards, let me give you another example of when most people know what they want!

When you sit down tonight in front of the TV then you are likely to make a decision on what you want to watch and not what you don't want to watch!

You may think, I want to relax and have a laugh so I'll watch X-Factor, or you might think I want to watch Brucie and the dancers on Strictly, and guess what! You will!

But would you sit there and think

I don't want to watch the shopping channels, I don't want to watch a documentary, or a quiz, I don't want to see a round of golf, and I definitely don't want to watch a movie, I don't want to view anything in black or white, or any programme with songs in it, I don't want to watch the news channels or anything with David Dickinson on it...

Of course not!!

Therefore if you know what you want to watch on the TV tonight and are happy to think of that, then what is stopping you think of what you want with one of the biggest things in your life! Your Health...
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Wow, what a sensible outlook. I do want to copy that. So I will!
Another one .. doesn't just apply to people wanting to lose weight either, both articles are relevant to life in general ..

Strategy For Success

People will always have a reason and a strategy for reducing their weight. The reason and hence the strategy is absolutely key to whether they are successful or not at getting to goal weight and more importantly being slim and healthy for the rest of their life.

From working with thousands of clients now I have realised that the difference in the strategies people run will usually dictate the result that they get.

A lady came to me back in 2008 with around 10 stone to lose (140 pounds), I asked her "Why she wanted to reduce her weight?" she said that she had been to the supermarket and was appalled by what she saw in the mirror in the changing room and hence that was the "kick up the bum" she needed to reduce her weight.

So she started to reduce her weight, she was incredibly determined, she had the absolute focus and started shrinking each week I saw her. After about 12 weeks she was around 3 stone (42 pounds) lighter and was starting to really see the results in that mirror....

But then it all started to go wrong, she started to eat too much again and spent the next 4 weeks without reducing her weight by a single pound.

Anyway we had a quiet chat one evening and she admitted that the motivation was not there anymore as she was no longer the person she saw in the mirror in the Supermarket and hence whereas she was trying to get away from that person she was now far enough away that she felt better and didn't value being slim as much as she did as that was never the original strategy.

So we talked again about what she wanted, she said she really did want to be slim, so we worked out a realistic weight goal in the future that she could aim at, we talked through possible hurdles, and the big goal for her is/was to fit in a particular dress that meant something to her.

By switching her mindset from getting away from something i.e. not wanting to be the person in the mirror to going towards something meant she suddenly was enthusiastic about what she was going to achieve in the future.

After that she was amazing, she went on to lose over 110 pounds in weight and reduced her BMI down to being overweight from morbidly obese. The closer she got to the target the more she could see,feel, touch and smell it and the more she wanted it and was a much better strategy for success. To this day she is still slim having seen her in town a couple of weeks ago.

So when you look at your own weight goals are you trying to get away from something or are you working towards a realistic goal in the future. The difference in results is huge!

Just to finish off today I met a lady once that I asked the same question of

"Why do you want to reduce weight?"

She replied in a quite common way "I don't want to die young"

I replied "That's what you don't want, so what do you want?"

She replied "I don't know actually"

Therefore if you don't know what you want then how can you achieve it? Remember to focus absolutely on what you want in terms of your weight and there is nothing in the world that can stop you.

Thanks to 'The Diet Guy'


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Very interesting... Thanks for posting these.

When you stop and think about it (certainly for me anyway) That is what we do. When I did LL a few years back (sorry I know I keep repeating that) We were encouraged to write letters to ourselves say what it was we wanted. If I go back and read them I get quite emotional. Even more when I know I did it but then fell back into bad habits...

I think I need to write another letter :D

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