Great Inspirations


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:) I would like to give a great big thanks for all the members who share their experiences on this website. It's wonderful being able to retain your tips when out in the world and know that I am not alone.

Day 4 on the CD diet and I sat with my sister and a friend for lunch, the food looked and smelled great and I was not tempted at all to order a plate for myself. I simply ordered my sparkling water, kept my mind focused and drank my tetra pack later on. Whew!!! :D

Does anyone know of a good of a good tablet sweetner I can use in my tea? I hear the powdered version should not be used. The next time can order a cup of tea.
I use splenda tablets - think they were going for £5 for two packs in Tesco, so I have one at home and one at work :D Well done on being so strong :cool: