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Great, like this isnt hard enough.....

On day 4, still suffering hunger so guess not in ketosis yet and now got a sore throat and a touch of the squits - sorry tmi but know this can b a common side affect! I bought some mouthwash in prep of bad breath so hoping the antibacterial action of that might help throat or wud it b best to do warm salt water gargle?!

Want to feel better soon and get this "more energy" feeling I keep reading about!

H x
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Hiya, ive just seen your post and no one has replied... boo hoo... im guessing you are way ahead now!
Im at the end of day 3, sat in bed trying to feel tired but when you have hunger pains constantly thats no good.
I too have been suffering with diarrhea this evening.... did this pass for you??
How are you doing now a few weeks in??
hi both, seems we are in the same boat, i'm at the start of day 4 and in i'm in bed and feel miserable!! i'm hungry and miserable and i darent go out and do anything as I dont feel strong enough yet! if i'm in the house theres no temptations. they say day 3 or 4 are the worst and once you get over that your on your way so here's hoping for next week : )

this is only a 2/3 week stretch for me, i'm a bridesmaid in july and I want to feel confident in the dress on the day. i originally went on LP in july for 6 weeks andlost 21lb but put 7lb back on so i'm on it again to get the weight off again and a bit more. keep smiling :jelous:
Hey you sound just like me!!!

Im sat here at the very beginning of day 4. My husband has just got up and gone to work (its 06.15am) and i am going to go back to sleep as ive had a restless night, up to the loo 3 times in 6 hours!!! Grrr. I feel like ive drunk the ocean so far!

I dont feel too bad right now, just very hungry but i felt like this at this time yesterday but after i'd been back to sleep and woke at a more reasonable hour i felt like a lead weight in bed and really had to convince myself to get up. I felt sick hungry so couldnt face a shake straight away so had a glass of water and an hour later my shake but i felt great after that!! Still hungry mind :-( I managed to find the energy to clean, iron and do some paperwork that has been calling my name for weeks.
I have the opposite problem though as there are so many temptations in my house... i made the hubbie a curry on day one. Day two made him a packed lunch with lots of yummy foods and lots of treats (sending him to work with the treats to get rid of them faster haha) and then chicken for tea then yesterday i did him a stew in the slow cooker which smelled soooo good all day!!! I wasnt tempted though.
Im hoping, like you that ive broke the back of this now and i start going into ketosis very soon!!!

How are you finding the shakes??

I too am only on this for 3 weeks (as i live in canada and could only get 3 weeks when i went back to the uk for a visit) so this is a quick fix/kick start before switching onto slim fast for me too!!!

I dread coming off it and returning to my old ways but already feel like ive turned a corner as ive noticed how much i used to snack!!!

Good luck with your first week.... you have come this far :)
the snakes are really nice, dont get the flap jacks or soups detest them. made a mistake of getting chewing gum today i know yr not allowed it but i was out and my daughter said my breath was really bad lol so was too embarassed!! wont do tht again i have never felt so hungry in my life today has BEEN AWFUL!"! just want to go to sleep now and forget about today. had to have an apple i was that hungry i felt sick. the chewing gum did that!! i tried a ketosis strip today but not even a trace that was before the gum! do u know how long it takes to get into ketosis?

hope you have had a better day than me!:cry:
You won't get into ketosis if you eat apples when you are hungry. Fruit is full of sugar, albeit natural, which is carbohydrate. If you really need to eat again when on LT make it a couple slices of ham or chicken, a small piece of cheese or an egg.
Apologies, for food mention. Just realised this post is on the 100% thread. Maybe a moderator could move this to the general thread. One other thing, it usually takes 3-4 days to get into ketosis but obviously this is going to be delayed if you keep replenishing your body's carbohydrate stores.
Oh no, sorry to hear about your day!!! You will get back on track though tomorrow, it will all be worth it in the end.
I did a stupid thing tonight... made a cup of peppermint tea and cooled it and was going to put the chocolate powder in it. I was distracted making the hubbies tea and poured strawberry powder in!!! Ooops. I had to drink it as i only have 3 weeks worth of shakes and didnt want to skip a meal.... it was vile!! ha ha. Held my nose and drunk it though.... think im finally in ketosis as ive not felt hungry today!!!
Great to hear u finally got into ketosis, good luck x
I've had a better day today, nearing towards the end of day 5! weighed myself today couldnt help it and i've lost 8lb! couldnt believe it. prob be more around 6 mark as I was naked on mine and fully clothed on the pharmacy scales but never the less pleased with that to say i had only done 4 days. : ))

hope your all avin a good day!

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