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Day 7, still so hungry, will i ever reach ketosis?!

Is there anyone on here whos actually failed to ever reach ketosis? Seen someone on Exante forum who says she can't after weeks! I applaud her cos there's no way I cud go on doing this if I don't reach K soon! I'm still starving and no other symptoms either such as bad breath etc....

Seeing so many posts saying "im K and don't feel hungry" and I'm desperate to feel that way! One of the major upsides of doing tfl is lack of hunger and feeling good but without these I wud say its impossible!

I am proper hungry, tummy making horrendous noises and its pretty much constant.... however today I hav felt REALLY horrible with weakness/headache/dizzy etc, all the things I expected on days 3-5 so maybe, just maybe, shud I b taking this as a good sign that K is on its way?!

H x
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H as far as I am aware it is a chemical reaction of the body and, if the diet is followed to the letter, it is impossible not to reach ketosis.

In the months that I've been on this site there have been a couple of people who claim that they aren't in ketosis and not losing weight.....it invariably turns out that they are doing something, however innocently or ignorantly, to jeopardise their weight loss. This could be something as simple as adding milk to beverages.
Hi Sandra, well that kinda what I thought! Followed absolutely 100% and losing weight (about 8lb but official weigh in tom!) But still don't get the feeling I'm in K?! What do u think cud b the longest it wud take someone? Like I said, been feeling rather pants today and can only hope that means cud b start of K bit if not then I may seriously have to think about switching to Exante WS or Atkins....I'm sure id b able to stick this out if I was also experiencing all the benefits of K too!x
When you get weighed why don't you get some ketostix then you can make sure.......it could be that you are in ketosis but are still craving food, that happened to me rather a lot and it's not entirely a pleasant feeling.

The crappy feelings that you are experiencing are entirely normal I'm afraid, this diet is seriously hard work, both physically and emotionally.

Try and stick with it, your feelings can change hugely from day to day x


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I agree with Sandra, I must be in ketosis (day 8 now) but have felt hungry sometimes. Hard to tell the diff between tiredness, tummy rumbling for next shake, real hunger, craving, carb withdrawal and general irritability! Yep, it can be a bit hard but the payoffs outweigh the pain!
Do most chemists stock the ketostix?
Hi, yes got mine for just under a fiver for 50, good buy cos still like to check most mornings!x


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Sometimes things like certain toothpastes or mouthwash can hinder K. Never even occurred to me until I read it in a book!


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You can be in ketosis and not have appetite suppression, or not have it to the same degree as others, or even on different days. The last time I did LT I had no appetite at all, I could barely eat 2 shakes never mind 3 and I breezed through 3 months or so. When I restarted in August, despite being 100% at the time, I've not had any appetite suppression yet i know I'm in ketosis since the sticks are purple. This is why I'm currently not 100% every day as, like you, I'm constantly battling a strong hunger and using willpower alone to get by. You're right, its not easy but it *is* doable with determination. I bought a months worth if Exante due to the cheaper price and although I still have zero appetite suppression their shakes and soups are so thick I do actually get a brief respite where I feel satisfied so am tending towards those products right now.

Ketosis is a mysterious thing but if you're in it, appetite or not, at least you know you're burning fat for fuel and that's always a good thing!
Cookhe, thank u so so much for letting me know that! I have felt like the only one who's been starving and wondered why i was such a freak! I even started to doubt myself, wondering if I was imagining it! I wrote this post a wk ago and was actually feeling quite ill and depressed at having felt so starving for a week....so since then I decided this wasnt good for me so kept up with 3shakes thru the day and a small low-carb meal in evenings and its done me the world of good! Sitting here now I cud still eat but my stomach isn't aching where I'm so starving, like it was last wk! I was also so fatigued and being a Mum to a 4 and 2yr old and working with same age in a preschool I just cudnt cope! It took a couple of days but now feel a lot better and more positive about seeing my diet thru with 3shakes and a meal.....and strangely enough I too hav also just rec my pack from Exante cos its cheaper and wot I'm doin pretty much following their Working Solution plan! Only reason i chose LT of all the TFR diets was cos I wanted health prof guidance but I dont feel pharmacists offer that at all anyway! So c u on Exante forum then?!x
In my second week I actually started to feel so full I stopped taking my second shake, Which is why I was sick and had to come off for a break :( So keep at it and when the hunger goes away make sure and take all the Shakes :D Hahah best of luck hope Ketosis happens soon for you :)

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