Great South Run Pickies


The Diet Guy
Congratulations Mike that was some achievement for sure!!!

Love your green shoes:D


Well done! It is a credit to you and shows how if we have the determination... what we can do...

Love Mini xxx
Fantastic Mike, I was just thinking I had not seen anything from anyone doing the run. What time did you do it in? Did anyone else do it? Did you run together at all?

Wish I was with you doing it - I promise myself I will do one soon.

Hi Mike
Great pics: a fab memory of the day you achieved something I bet you would never have dreamed of a year ago!

What was your time? My son-in-law also did the Great South Run in a time of 1h 20m (but he IS a Royal Marine!).

I did the junior one the day before with my daughter and niece. My DD ran ahead (she's a fit little racing snake) but my niece and I jogged and walked our way around. She has issues about her weight and I think she's particularly close to me because of my own experience. She's not obese by any stretch of the imagination but is a little stockier than her sister and has been teased at school.

Anyway - the main thing is that we finished and she got her medal. My pics are in my photobox (link below)

A huge, huge well done to you ... the tiddly junior one was hard enough - I can't even imagine doing 'the big one': you are a true star!!
Yeah the weather was really nasty but then again that made Nat and I laugh most of the way round otherwise you would have just stopped.

I did it in 2 hours 33 minutes which I know isn't quick but gives me a time to beat next year :)

Well done to you Mike for doing it....fantastic achievement. Like that "next year" thinking!! ;) :D
Waddya mean it wasn't a fast time? I think you did it in a very respectable time considering how flippin' far it was!

There's no-way-no-how I could do 10 miles so hats off to you :)
Illuminous Ice!

Hey them pics gave me memories! You were fantastic on the day and I owe you so much for getting me round, especially when I know you could have ran more of it!

Yes the rain did make us laugh - asking people to turn it off as we went round (or to borrow their legs hahah, do you remember that bloke who was about 70 who said, nah you wouldn't want to borrow mine, I did a marathon last week and they are shot! - spurred my young pins on another few yards hahaha). The people around the course were fab weren't they especially when the kids cheered you on - tugged at your heart strings, well it did mine.

Oh and the "BEER 3 MILES" sign hahahah.

I must point out the pictures didn't do any justice to the bloody weather though hahahahah. Thanks to those who lived there PROVING it was awful. (I prefer the term terrential :eek: )

Nice pics Icemoose - im going to go and see mine now - not that i want to really but just to prove to myself why I needed to start 790 hahah.

Im on day 4 now matey - getting there!

Im signed up to do the Santa Run on 9th December - yes dressed as Santa! :O) 6k (pah nothing hahaha) around Battersea Park.

(Im glad ive found this chit chat forum didn't know it was here - great to have "other" things to chat about).

Cheers Mike
You were brill m8 and you know you can do this!

I am talking to Kerensa about doing a bigger Great North Run event next year with more counsellors, customers and Cambridge HO staff and see how much we can raise for a charity as a larger group.

Do you think we can do it again ?

North Run

I will get slim! :O)

The Great North Run is supposed to be more electric, as in atmosphere and bigger as in terms of people.

Is it earlier too? (Could miss the rain then! hahaha).

Give us the info when you have it. First my goal of losing the lard - just seen my pictures - I look like a sack of potatoes hahah. I was so wet my clothes stuck to me, showing all my lumps and bumps - errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

They're a gonna, gotta get shot of em.

lol the run is next Sunday September 30th in Newcastle and yes supposed to be much more of a experience.

I just think as a goal to aim for it would be excellent for clients, I intend to try and get loads of my clients to work towards it and although I intend to take it slowly again as I enjoyed it more that way I just think we need enforce that the Cambridge is more than just a quick way of losing weight, it is a journey to enlightenment and a goal is key to success.

Well Done Katie.

Nice one Mike, I agree with you. I've had two people say to me, "you are so channelled, if you want to do something you just do it" where as I think I have no will power whatsoever!

So its wierd how others see you and you see yourself isn't it.

I wish I could be so channelled with my weightloss! Im on day four and nearly wained today - but I haven't and will get to Day 5!

Im not drinking enough thats the problem.

North Run sounds cool and yes a fab goal to work towards, if all goes well i'll be slim by Jan, but I need to be Fit to beat my time of 2hours 36.01! I'd like to run some of it if not all next year.

Perhaps thats my years ambition - get slim and get fit!

HMMMM biting, too much and chew may spring to mind. Saying that I did no training whatsoever for the 10 mile power walk we did so ANYTHING is possible hahahaah.

(The photos are costly aren't they - don't you think??).

Yeah cost me 40 quid for those ones!! Bit of a rip off but kind of a capive audience eh!

Well I've got nothing but major respect for you. I did that junior one (a paltry 1.5 miles) and will NEVER do any kind of run again! (Don't ask!! :eek: )

However, I'd be up for a cycling challenge if I can find one! :)
Can I ask a boring question??? How often do you train and how far do you go on each one?? I know its sound silly but just seeing you guys achieving this has really made me think of a goal that I maybe could manage.

Hi sorry.. just found your post.

I am injured at the moment so can’t run at all… But when I was training I ran every other day so one week would be three times and one week four. I ran with a personal trainer and went from 0 to 13.1 miles over a 12 week period which was almost certainly too much but I did raise over £10,000 for charity and had to make sure I finished. If you are interested in running the runners world beginners programme below is the best al round training plan I think:

Good luck.

Katie x