Green day lunches?


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Evening all :)
I was hoping some of you might be able to help me with some ideas for lunches on green days?
I work in a school so take a packed lunch, we have a microwave.
I'm currently on Warfarin do have to go careful on green leafy vegetables, like salad so that's not an option!?
Be really grateful of any ideas please :)
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What about a tub of couscous/rice with mixed veg? Or some ratatouille that you can heat up, that's easy to make & would fill you up.


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Baked potatoes, pasta dishes, couscous, fat free supernoodles, make some extra dinner and take that with you? x


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There are hundreds of threads about lunches on here - it seem to be one of the most popular topics. If you look in the recipe sub-forum there is sticky devoted to lunches. And if you try doing a search you will find loads more. :)


Scrambled Eggs? or make some homemade soup! I made a yummy (if I do say so myself) Carrot and Coriander soup to take in today. xx