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Green Days Green days and sausages?

Hi guys,

I was wondering, if I were to have a green day, could I have sausages as long as I syn them?

For example, I have two sausages that are worth 1/2 a syn each, so 1 syn, on a green day.

Does the meat count or does the syn value cover me?

Thanks in advance!
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If you are doing a green day, look carefully at the syn value of the sausages. You need to take the syn value for the correct day, which is probably be higher than 1/2 syn for meat sausages on a green day.

If you are doing Extra Easy you take the lowest value, but doing red/green you must take the appropriate syn value.
I knew I would be doing something wrong! Thanks!
Weight Watchers Premium Thick Pork Sausages, 6 pack, chilled 67g each

½ Syn on Extra Easy Original ½ Syn Green 4 Syns

These are the ones :) Same syn value. I wish I lived near a Morrisons; their range sounds great!


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they'd still have a syn value on green days as they are meat and aren't considered viable for a HEX B.


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That's a good point, because the mail order sausages 'Joes Sausages' state that they are syn free (and have a SW certificate with every order) AND ARE VERY YUMMY BTW!!! But this would only refer to EE and red, so I don't know what they'd be on green!! Hadn't thought about it- how annoying!!X
I read online that Joes sausages could be a HEXB on green days:confused:

ETA: I don't do green days, so I haven't spoiled my week or anything, but guess I've learned you shouldn't always believe everything you read, even if it WAS a SW thread on another forum....sigh

ETA2: I wasn't cheating on MM;) Was searching for something.
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I'd take Joes sausages as whatever that weight of that meat would be on a Green day (and if you're allowed that amount of it as a HEx B, then would not feel guilty doing that at all).
Ok, so I think for ease, I'll keep my green days meat free :) I just want more HEX's!!! Chocolate and Orange Hi-fi bars and Weetabix minis are fab! And SS milk and reduced fat cheese!

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