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Green Days = Bloating??

Thanks ladies, I've set myself a water challenge this week actually, (started wed's) and each day I drink one more glass than the day before so its 5 glasses today, bad I know that I should be drinking at least 8 anyway!!

I hope adding no added suger squash doesn't muck it up?


Put the kettle on
Try peppermint tea, it helps. Also watch how much fruit you have and try to have fruit before a meal rather than after. I cant eat more than three pieces of fruit a day cos of the bloating.
I get this with pasta... had 2 pasta meals this week and am heading for a gain. Yes I have been over on syns but not drastically that should mean a gain and can only put it down to the fact that I haven't eaten pasta for a while having stuck to red days or extra easy where I tend to have potatoes and rice. I've also felt very bloated in the evenings after pasta... funny isn't it? I was told to try going back to wholegrain instead of white pasta to see if that makes a difference.
I think this is common if you don't do green days very often. Every time you have the sudden increase in pasta it comes as a shock to your body and retain loads of water. Better to do it on a regular basis than the odd day here and there. And of course you can do green days without ever eating pasta!
wheat in pasta is for some the work of the devil, apparently it can be very undigestible and is a sponge when sat in the gut (hence the osmosis theory and absorbing fluid in your tummy). i have to say wheat free stuff isnt great and is expensive but can be a possible help.
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