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Green Days Question

Hi Guys

I am currently doing red days and have lost nearly two stone in a couple of months. I am getting a bit bored, as well as poor, from doing red days now though and was thinking of trying green days for a bit. This really worries me though! I need to save some money for a bit and can't afford to carry on eating packets of ham etc whenever I feel hungry so hoping some pasta/potatoes etc will help the purse strings!

Wondered if those of you who do green days, have good losses still? I have pcos so not sure if this will cause a problem but I figure there is only one way to find out, dont mind losses slowing down a bit (currently been loosing at least 3lb a week) but don't want to p ut on! I have IBS also so not able to do extra easy as the amount of fruit and vege you have to eat makes me feel very ill!

Thanks for your advice xx
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I only do green days cause I am a vegi, last time I did it I lost 2 stone in just over 2 months :) and I eat loads of the free food :D
I generally do EE but have some green days. When I have the green days my weight loss seems to be better than when I do all EE. So I'd say give Green a try and see how it works for you because everyone is different.



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Hiya fellow MK'er!

As above - I find that when I do some green days, my losses are better. I tend to do 3 green, 3 red and 1 EE generally.

Hi :)

I do green all the time as i'm a veggie and have found it really easy, cheap & effective! I've lost 3 stone 9&1/2lbs so far and really enjoying it.

It's definitely worth giving it a go, although i don't have pcos or ibs there are people i know who have both,that do green days who have good losses- just eat lots of super free :)

I would have thought green or EE would be better for ibs than red? Just a guess though :)
I'm a veggie and i do green have am 1lb off 2 stone and i started in feb. Had a few crap weeks which were my own fault. But over the last 2 weeks i;ve lost 10lbs through eating veggies, fruits, pulses and carbs and also exercise :D. Green is awesome and being the only veggie in the house its incredibly cheep for me

I have PCOS too and only do Green days because I find thrm cheaper. I have lose each week. x
I do 95% green days (perhaps 1 EE day a month) and have had losses of 4lbs, 3.5lbs and 3lbs exclusively doing green. I find it works well as vegetarian food often uses veggies to bulk it out. Whereas you could eat a big stealk without much else on red, if you wanted to eat a stack of lentils or beans, you're probably going to want to bulk it out a bit.
I do quite a few green days too after a couple of disappointing EE weeks.

I find there's plenty to eat apart from pasta and potatoes and its easier to have more superspeed foods too.

last week was my first week fo greens and I lost 3.5 lb - which I was well impressed with.

K xx


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I'm a big red day fan & i've found that when i do more green than red, my losses aren't as good, but i still lose. xx

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