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Green Days - Struggling

I'm struggling for meals for tea this week. Think i've got a bit bored.

Thurs - Pasta and Veg
Fri - Jacket Potato
Sat - :confused:
Sun - Roast
Mon - Pasta Bake
Tues - Jack Potato
Weds - Egg and Chips

I'm bored and need some ideas :confused:

I do eat meat but only very little and don't like the fact that if I have it then I'm only allowed one HXB. I need 2 to stop me snacking.
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have u tried some of the quorn products. i find these really good instead of meat on a green day and means that i can still have both hexs on things like bread and cereal bars. i really like the steak strips in stirfrys and pasta.



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I do the SW quiche with a salad or with a jacket potato, Quorn sausages with mash, Quorn meatballs with spaghetti, Pasta n sauce with some quorn pieces and cheese.

Can't think of anything else atm but hope that helps :D
I have things like lasagna and cottage pie made with Quorn, it's yummy. Tesco meat free fillets are free on green too, and they taste soooo good! A nice change.
I only do green! Same reason as you Im not a veg but prefer two hex! Have a look in the reciepe section hun? I dont get bored because I am a CARB addict LOL so green is great for me x
If you make basic veggie stew - chopped tomatoes with any veg such as peppers, courgettes, mushrooms, sweetcorn, kidney beans, sweetcorn - then add...

Curry powder to make curry with rice
Chilli to make chilli with rice or a baked potato
Herbs to make sauce for spaghetti or any pasta topped with cheese
Low syn sausages and herbs to make a stew with mashed potatoes

It is a versatile, filling sauce and syn free.
I have things like lasagna and cottage pie made with Quorn, it's yummy. Tesco meat free fillets are free on green too, and they taste soooo good! A nice change.
i didnt realise the tesco ones were free...will def be trying these, thanks for the tip xx


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How about stuffed peppers. Made some yesterday. What you need is peppers with the tops cut off and de seeded. The make up some cous cous. In a pan steam fry, some chilies(if you like em), garlic, red onions, tomatoes and anything other veg you can think off(just chop small). Stirs this into the prepared cous cous, then add some sliced spring onions and a good handfull each of flat leaf parsly and mint. Also add seasoning. Stuff the peppers and place into an oven proof dish(you might want to make the peppers level by slicing a little off the bottom(though try to keep them whole), next pour boiling water into the pan so it come sup to about half way on the peppers. Cover with foil and place into a oven at 180(thats fan temp) for 30 mins :D. nommy hot or cold
i'm not a fan of Quorn products either, but Quorn-like mince works very well in chilli - batch freeze the sauce and make boiled rice fresh each time.

Make batches of vegetable soup (a great standby).

Get creative with eggs - especially omelettes.

Never undestimate baked potatoes, with beans and side salad.

Finally, if you snack a lot, make sure all your snacks are veggie sticks etc.


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There's a few recipes in my siggie link that are all green and most are syn free or very low syn.

Soups, veg casserole, sweet & sour quorn pieces, salads, curries, omelettes, potato wedges, fritatta, smash pizza, chilli, spag bol, lasagne, cottage pie...

Have a nose through the recipes forums, I do it weekly to get new ideas.

A fave of mine for low prep is SW chips with poached eggs, quorn bacon, chopped tomatoes and peas.
Also op i dont use quorn or meat replacements. I have tofu now and again, which i do love, but it doesnt like me and the next day i'm pretty sick(shouldnt eat soya) but there is a billion and one things you can do with veggies, really its quite endless, remeber to use herbs and spices for kick and depth of flavour to. Green isnt all stodgy carbs :D.

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