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Green days


I have done mostly green days and lost 1 stone 11 pounds since beginning on Jan this year. I eat mostly salad's, patsta, eggs (scrambled, boiled, poached etc) s/world chips and loads of veg. I find i'm not as hungry doing green days.

Have just decided to go it alone as i never stayed to class only went to get weighed. I'm still going to weigh myself on Tues though, and the £200 bet i've got with my step dad is a big insentive to get my last five lbs off and stay at 9 stone 6 till xmas. want to keep it of for ever this time..

Good luck, Sparky ;)
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^^ oooh I love that bet!

ConfusedGirl - I am doing the EE plan but when I read over the dairys I noticed that I did a lot of green days.
I eat mostly - fruit for breakfast, with snacks of yogurt and/or Alpen bars(hexb).
Lunch - beans and jacket potato/bean and salad with grains.
Tea - pasta, tom sauce + chicken (hexb) or quorn with cheese (hexa)

I would try out what ever plan fits your life style.

Andy R.

Time for a change
i mainly stay on green, maybe an odd red day once a week. for and average green day i'll have
Breakfast- weetbix with milk

mid morning- apple, grapes maybe a muller light.

lunch- jacket potato with beens and cheese, banana, orange and (another) muller light

Dinner- homemade pasta dish, or sweet potato wedges and mushy peas.

Snacks- mug shots (great to fill u up and they take a while to eat lol, options hot chocolate, hi-fi bar, kiwi fruit,

not the most exciting, but its worked great for me and i rarely feel hungry theses days
Hope this was some help :)


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Hi ConfusedGirl!

Im vegetarian so Im on green days everyday & in honesty I love it!
Im rarely starving & if I am theres always stuff I can eat.

I usually have bran flakes for breakfast, either salad & couscous or pasta with passata sauce for lunch. For dinner I love things like egg noodle stir-fry with quorn plus peppers thrown in, or SW shepherds pie. I snack on fruit all day.

Im in my 10th week now & Ive lost 16lbs so far. I started off not having syns thinking Id do better but I hit a plateau & now have to eat most or all of my syns everyday (which believe it or not I find hard!)

Hope thats helps!
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I am also veggie and do green days only. And love it! i've lost 11.5lbs since joining at beginning of April.



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S: 17st0lb C: 17st0lb G: 10st6lb BMI: 40.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi Andy,
When I joined my class I bought the book 100 green recipes & its in there & its free on green! But obv I use mince quorn instead of beef/lamb. Its nice :)


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Oh-so in answer to your question yes its homemade! sorry ;)

Andy R.

Time for a change
i know which one u mean, i made it before. wasnt that keen on it. might be my cooking tho lol. i remember the potato on top tasting good tho lol


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Ive done it in the oven like but sometimes if I havnt got time I'll cook it all separately & put it on the plate separately rather than in the over in a big dish.
Maybe you could add things to the meat to make it more tasty..?!
I just have veg, quorn mince, garlic & canned tomatoes all cooked & then the mash mixed with from frais.
I mainly do green days. I have only been at sw for 2 weeks but have lost over half a stone so I figure the green plan suits me and intend to keep to it. I will lose red more often if I stall in my weight.

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