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green or original?

I have done SW so many times and know how good it is but generally have done original in the past with the odd green day thrown in

This time I'm more into green as I love Quorn and find green days easier to fill up on but I'm concerned that I won't lose as much

I know this is daft but whenever I did green in the past I wouldn't lose as much as I'd retain loads of water, has anyone else found this?

what effect do the mix to max days have on your weight losses as I still don't feel brave enough to do those!
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Hi Rachelina

I definitely find that i feel much more bloated on a green day and don't seem to have any problems thinking of green day menus. I still eat Quorn on an original day as its a free food on either. Some original days i don't eat any meat and i suppose, for me anyway, its more of a low-carb day than a meat day. Dunno if my stomach could cope with all green LOL.

Having an original day today, had porridge (HEB) for brekkie, with fruit. Lunch was cheese (3x Babybel mini light as HEA) and loadsa salad. More fruit. Dinner, when i get round to cooking it will be Tesco meat free veggie mince (0.5 syn for 50g) in a sauce of tinned toms, onions, courgette, and celery, served up with swede & carrot mash and 142g garden peas (HEB).

Haven't tried mix to max yet, only just getting my head round the green and red days!

Good luck with your weight loss
I have a mixture of both, it just depends on how I feel really. I certainly don't try to have any more of one day than the other but I know what you mean about feeling bloated on a Green day- I think the idea of it is that it's impossible to have too much pasta and potatoes because you get so full after a small portion!

There should be absolutely no difference with weight loss whether you do 100% green days, 100% red or a mixture of both HOWEVER my brain still makes me think that I feel slimmer on a red day lol.
I also lose more weight if i do more red days, but this is coming from someone who used to have green days every day, but because you can eat quorn now and im not to bad with chicken provided its flavoured im ok. But yes to the question i do lose more. In my honest opinion i would alternate your days otherwise you will get bored really quicky an give up.
Ruthy xxx
Hi everyone, I think as long as you stick to the plan you'll lose weight regardless of red or green days. I lost 3 stone by doing nothing but green days.... I then got bored and came off plan, so I'm taking Ruthys advice and mixing my days up.

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