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Green Tea which one is best

Thanks for the reply nicoleaimee. Do you just get the green tea one or green tea and lemon. Your weight loss is fab by the way, I hope I am as successful as you :)

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chunky chick :-)
awww thanks, struggling a bit just now with small losses :-(

i just get the normal one, i dont like the aftertaste of the one with lemon!

good luck mrs!
I have read that organic ones are the best and you should drink at least 6 cups of it a day! :)
Green tea is fantastic. It is extremely good for you but I'm not sure about its weight loss properties.

You might have to persevere with it though. I didn't like the taste at all but I do now.


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I drink the Tetley plain one, but I add 2 sweeteners to it.

I think it speeds up your metabolism, but not sure if it works. I have had bigger weight losses in the two weeks I've been drinking it, but that is probably just chance!

I think it tastes really nice once you get used to it and I find it hard to drink the recommended amount of water so this makes up for that!

Good Luck

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