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Green tea


Violet is shrinking
Cool, I started with the tablets but now I just drink green tea (usually instead of coffee before I go to bed)

I'm entirely convinced that it's benefiting me though
Whats green tea suppose to do hun? xxx


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helps with you digestive sysetem, and helps improve your metabolism.
it also contains vital antioxidents, to reduce risks of things like cancer, and heart desease..


Violet is shrinking
I really must remember to take mine tonight :)

i saw the green tea tea bags in asda,theyre not bad priced either, what do they taste like?
Well you kind of get used to them. I've moved up to the flavoured ones now :D


Violet is shrinking
bumped for celtgirl
Green tea definitely works, my losses are usually 1lb - 2lb per week but when I was drinking green tea every day (some days just one mug) I lost between 3 and 5lbs a week:)
wow i had no idea taking them had that much of an effect. i bought some green tea today. are the tablets much more concentrated?


Violet is shrinking
i think the tablets suit some people,taste wise and if they dont like hot drinks...but the strength is pretty much the same.green tea is full of antioxidants so its really good for you.i havent seen my weight losses change with them though...my first 3 losses were without green tea ..

ive heard acia berries habve similar effects
I have boxes of it in the house I just put off having it because it's quite bitter and makes me feel sick when I drink it lol but for a big loss I'll give anything a try! Think I'm going to have a cup of it after my coffee this morning:D I have been inspired by you all lol


size 14 here I come
I dont like the tea but I drink it anyway lol..........and the flavoured green teas I have seen have sugar added and are quite calorific :eek:
crap I get the flavoured ones. I'll have to look at the ingredients :(


size 14 here I come
I might be wrong hun but most of the ones I looked at did x
oops i got the flavoured one too, have to double check that. i have peppermint tea at night i find that settles you down nicely for the evening!
ohh yeah i have lots of peppermint and nettle tea :D i have BOXES of them from when i VERYYY stupidly done lipotrim. still they are yummy!
I might be wrong hun but most of the ones I looked at did x

Do you mean the iced ones in bottles? I checked the ingredients list on the twinnings box and it just said "trace" for sugar etc
i also get the twinnings green tea and mint i think its like 1kcal, trace sugar and trace fat per cup..i think it is just the iced ones in bottle that are full of sugar... ps with the mint is luuuuuvly hehe

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