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Green to Keep me Lean and other stuff!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by slimmeragain, 15 March 2011 Social URL.

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    Hoorah, back to what I know and love...Slimming World! I joined Weight Watchers last week and after what I thought was a great start I found that I had been doing the plan incorrectly. For me it was a bit too faffy and with a 7 year old, a 16 month old and an 8 week old I think being able to throw things into a pan or oven dish for a bit and then down your throat works far better. No time for weighing everything I eat...Blahh!!

    I know Slimming World works I lost 5 stone with them about 6 years ago and kept it off brilliantly until I had my last baby and decided to throw caution to the wind, well, that and exclusively breastfeeding. I am famished constantly and there is nothing like the taste of smooth chocolate while you are feeding a newborn all day and night!:D

    So, as the title of my diary suggests I will be sticking to Green days. Not because I am a veggie but because I love them and find them far easier to manage. I have trawled the forums for recipes and am raring to go!

    As I am breastfeeding I have been advised that I need to have 4 extra Healthy Extras. That is 8 in total (4 from A choice and 4 from B choice).

    Start date: 15/3/11
    Start weight: 14st 13lbs
    Club ten target: 13 stone 6lbs
    End Target: 9 stone!!


    Fresh pineapple
    An apple
    Herbal tea


    A bunch of red and green grapes
    Large pint glass of water


    2 chicken and salad sandwiches. Made with 71g of cooked chicken breast (1 HE B) and 4 slices of Nimble Wholemeal bread (2 HE B). I heated the chicken in a gridle pan with 1 tbsp of Extra Olive Oil (1 HE B) and used 2 Laughing Cow Extra Light triangles to spread over each slice of bread (portion of HE A). All washed down with 175ml whole milk (1 HE A)


    Should have been a Muller light Yougart but there just wasn't a moment to breath this afternoon let alone eat! Max and Ava (my youngest two) seemed to have put thier heads togther and come up with a cunning plan to throw the afternoon in to utter turmoil! I really wanted to get some crafting done today and planned to create a few cards for Easter and Mothers Day. Oh well, its all part and parcel I suppose. Perhaps I will manage to get something done tonight? :rolleyes:

    Dinner will be

    Sausage and Bean Casserole, a recipe I found on here. I will serve it with smashed potato mixed with the 4 remaining Laughing Cow Extra Lights from my HE A portion.

    Bedtime snack

    350ml whole milk (2 HE A)
    6 Cadbury Chocolate Fingers: 9 syns and all my syns for today.
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  3. slimmeragain

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    So, before I get into what I ate today, just a quick update on last night's dinner.

    It was divine, a tad on the spicey side which was not so great for the kiddies, so I ended up bunging a pizza in the oven (not a regular thing I promise :D).


    56g Bran Flakes (2 HE B, this choice also come with 2 Ryvita Original which I used for a midmorning snack). 175 ml whole milk (HE A).


    Fresh Pineapple, strawberries and the above Ryvita.


    Left over Sausage and Bean Casserole and a glass of 175ml whole milk.


    French toast made with 2 slices of Nimble Wholemeal bread (HE B) and a glass of 175ml whole milk.


    Butternut Squash Soup made 1 tbsp Olive oil (HE B)

    Bedtime snack

    Water melon, red and green grape and 175 ml whole milk.

    No syns used.
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