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Green to make me lean!!!


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S: 10st1lb G: 9st4lb
Hello all!

I started sw (again) last Monday but went completly off the rails at the weekend. Nice weather just makes me want to go to the pub, which I did, ALL day Saturday! Lots of vodka consumed. Then the munchies hit and had about a million slices of toast before I went to sleep! and of course the 'hangover chinese takeaway' happened yesterday so I am right back to square one! Ah well! I am starting afresh today.

Feel free to leave comments if I do anything wrong, I am doing this myself from home and need all the help and motivation I can get! I will be doing green days as I am not a big meat eater.

Monday 24th May

Breakfast: Shape yoghurt & a banana

Lunch: Supernoodles (6 syns) an orange and another yoghurt

Dinner: 2 asda wholemeal pittas (hexB x2) with cheese (hexA x2) sweetcorn and mushrooms & some syn free chips (need to practice these, mines arent the best!) Will probably use tomato puree on the pittas aswell (2 syns)

Milk in tea - 1 syn

I had some crusts from my fiances pizza!!!

Syns for today: 15/15 - will syn at 15 just to be safe!
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S: 10st1lb G: 9st4lb
Tuesday 25th May

Breakfast: Yoghurt & a banana

Lunch: 2 slices of bread (hexB) with ww spaghetti & a yoghurt

Dinner: 2 slices of bread (hexB) with scrambled eggs

Milk - (hexA)

I have a concert tonight so only have an hour after work to get changed and fed before I have to leave! Will probably use my syns on vodka!

Came in from Westlife (awesome!) and had a sandwich, was sooo hungry! - 7 syns!

Total syns: 22
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S: 10st1lb G: 9st4lb
Wednesday 26th May

Breakfast: 2 slices of WHITE bread (9 syns) with lots of lurpak (7 syns)

Lunch: 2 slice of bread (hexB) with beans and some more lurpak (3 syns) and a yoghurt

Dinner: Homemade hash browns (lovely jubly!) with some mac and cheese (5 syns for sauce and 3 syns for milk) Used my hexA on cheese!

Total syns: 27 :(

I blew it on toast in the morning, I was just sooo hungry and that was all that was in work. I really need to try and calm it with the lurpak lighter, I love it though!


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S: 10st1lb G: 9st4lb
Thursday 27th May

Breakfast: Yoghurt

Lunch: 2 slices of bread (hexB) and beans again with another yoghurt

Dinner: Smash pizza with hexA of cheese and some peppers, mushrooms and onions


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Today's breakfast doesn't sound enough to last you through the day. Try to use your other HEXB as a snack between your Breakfast/Lunch or lunch/Dinner to keep you full. If you want to save your HEXB for something else tonight then try to have some fruit in between meals. Also drink water :) Watch your syns too!


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S: 10st1lb G: 9st4lb
Thanks Meli. I have had a sorta bad week! Went over syns again yesterday! I blame lurpak lighter!

I have brought my own bread into work with me today so I am not tempted by the white bread! Think I will do this from now on as a yoghurt just doesn't fill me then I go and make toast!

Friday 28th May

Breakfast: 2 slices of bread (hexB) with dairylea (hexA)

Lunch: Pasta with syn free sauce and a yoghurt

Dinner: Syn free chips, half uncle bens egg fried rice (3.5 syns) with curry sauce (4 syns) and chicken (hexB)

Total syns: 7.5

Have got a tricky weekend ahead because I can only eat white foods! Also I will need to find some scales because I haven't weighed myself since I started this!


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Ok have been off plan since Friday! Had my teeth whitened and could only eat white food Saturday and Sunday. Had some rice krispies (ok about a million bowls!) mash potato, rice pudding and chips and cheese!

Then Asda wasn't getting delivered until Wednesday so on Monday I had a chippy and on Tuesday I went to Frankie and Bennys! Ah well at least i'm being honest eh!

Back on plan yesterday:

Wednesday 2nd June - Did Extra Easy today

Breakfast: Total 0% yoghurt

Lunch: Supernoodles (6 syns) and a shape yoghurt

Dinner: Uncle Bens Pilau rice (3.5 syns) with homemade chicken curry (4 syns for paste) and an asda pitta bread (hexB)

Had another yoghurt because it was going out of date!

Total syns: 13.5


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S: 10st1lb G: 9st4lb
Thursday 3rd June

Breakfast: 2 slices of bread (hexB) with dairylea (hexA)

Lunch: Pasta - just dry, some say its weird but I like it! Shape yoghurt.

Dinner: Homemade hash brown with bacon (hexB) and cheese (hexA) with beans.

Milk (2 syns)

Natural yoghurt with raspberries, crushed up asda chocolate orange bar (4.5 syns) and white chocolate options (2.5 syns)

Total syns: 9

Total syns: 2
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Friday 4th June

Breakfast: 2 yoghurts - I forgot my bread :(

Lunch: spaghetti on toast (hexB) with 2 cheese slices (hexA)

Dinner: Chicken curry - curry sauce (4 syns) Uncle Bens rice (2.5 syns) and some McCain Rustic Chips (3 syns) Will put loads of onions and mushrooms in aswell.

Total syns: 9.5

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