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Greetings from hospital!

Hey everyone!

I'm posting from my bed, I have a google g1 phone so very handy in times of extreeme boredom like now!

I'm currently bed ridden but am pleased 2 say have been sticking 2 plan whilst I'm in hospital! I don't normally do green days that much but I have 4 the past 3 days because jacket spuds have been on the menu - life saver! Been havin weetabix 4 breakfast so I'm getting my hex in and I bought some hifi bars in with me.

Operation went well, I can't see the results yet because I'm bandaged up and have a binding garment on which I can't take off yet. They removed nearly 2 kilos of flesh and fat during the tummy tuck so next weigh in at class should see me have a whopper of a loss!

Anyhow, ill get the pics ready for the people who wanted 2 see and have asked already. If u want more gory details and before and after pics drop me a pm and I'll send you the details.

Bye 4 now xx
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congratulations on your new tum! i'm v. jealous! :D

have a speedy recovery, and well done for sticking to plan! :) xx


soon to be skinny minnie
Well done for managing to stick to sw in hospital, and you will have a lovely flat stomach now. x

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Wow well done!!!
How was the pain recovery on a scale of 1-10??? When I had my gastric band, just coming around I would describe it as an 8 and then it went to a dull aching 2.


I will succeed!!!
Talk about motivation - I am not sure sticking to plan would be on my mind in hospital...I am in awe!!!

Glad the op went well and hope you're feeling better soon :) xxx


Trying again!!!
Wishing you a speedy recovery, can't believe that you are sticking to SW whilst in hospital ~ that is dedication! Congrats on your new tummy xx
How was the pain recovery on a scale of 1-10??? When I had my gastric band, just coming around I would describe it as an 8 and then it went to a dull aching 2.[/QUOTE]

I feel tight where my stitches are, its not so much of a pain more of a weird sensation when I move around. I'm stuck in a 'jack knife' position at the minute with cushions supporting my knees because I can't straighten up yet so I guess I'll have a better idea of the pain when I start to straighten up.

On a scale of 1 - 10 id say I'm roughly a 6 at the min, I have a fairly high pain threshold so ill see how that holds up over the next few days!
Very glad you are well and the op was ok! Well done for sticking to plan while there too!

I'd like the gorry details and pics please! A tummy tuck is something I would defo have once my weight has gone!
well done on your op hun and sticking to the plan. i bet that cost you a pretty penny. keep us updated on how you are getting on hun. thinking of you and hope you are well soon xxxxxxxx
Hi, glad it all went well. Hope you wasn't to nervous before, I think I would be :sick0019: Hope you have a speedy recovery and well done for sticking with the plan. x
You're an inspiration sticking to plan whilst in hospital! I just got out after having my bunions removed so I know how you're feeling!

Can't wait to see your before and after pics!

Keep your spirits up!

Well done! Hope you feel better soon. We should arrange a Manchester meet-up some time... There are plenty of us on here.
oooh lovely, well done you!

I'm 18 days post op now and although there is a little swelling, I'm feeling good. You're gonna love it!

Hope you're not in the hospital for too long.

Hope you make a speedy recovery :D
I want a T.tuck, was it sore? Where did you get it done? Pics pics pics lol.
Well done your very brave xxx

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