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Greetings! :)


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Where to start, where to start...

I'm not one for diets, and I'm not one for exercise. Naturally over the years I've accumulated quite some weight due to this excellent care regime ;)

A couple of years ago I gave SlimmingWorld a go. Coupled with a new job which required that I walk around London a lot I lost four stone in about eight months, but then I hit a plateau at around 18st and found the group entirely unhelpful in getting another pound to shift. And after moving on from that job back to being a desk jockey I've managed to put it all back on again, because chocolate is oh so lovely.

I was extremely happy at the time. I could shop in regular shops once more, rather than being forced into the awful selection at Evans and the rather hit-and-miss collections at Ann Harvey. I was fitter than I've ever been as an adult. But that plateau really threw me. I was stuck there for three months, and eventually gave up completely. I didn't see the point of paying close to £5 a week to get weighed, receive no help or advice, and feel annoyed.

Anyway, that's just a little history. I still don't believe in diets. I believe that to get weight off and keep it off requires a shift in paradigm, not a brief flirtation with eating fewer calories on a daily basis. I find exercise incredibly tedious, but I'm going to have to do it if I want to get fitter and shift the weight, so tough.

Here I am now, looking for a bunch of nutters who, well, seem to be very much like you lot :) I need to lose quite a fair amount of weight, but as yet I'm not sure how much. I don't know my current weight, so I've ordered some bathroom scales off Amazon, which should be here soon :D. After that it'll be a weekly weigh-in at a regular time of day. Results will be going on the ticker, as I think a visual progress bar will be extremely motivational.

I've already cut out all the refined sugar and fatty products. I'm on fruit and vegetables if I've need of a snack. I only started yesterday, but I'm sure by the time the scales arrive and I get to weigh myself I'll've already lost that initial 5lbs which makes new starters feel so awesome :cry:

I've also booked an induction at the gym. I go this Saturday, and it's early mornings thereafter. I suspect I'll be needing a LOT of motivation to roll out of bed at 6am in the middle of February :jelous:.

So, why do I want to lose weight? Well, it's heavy, for a start. I'm inherently lazy, and I could be carrying a lot less around with me ;) I also find it far more motivational if I have goals ahead of me, and I do a fair amount of long-haul travel. I want to be able to do so without feeling cramped in my seat for 13 hours or asking for a seatbelt extender. I also want to be able to tolerate heat and humidity a little better - I had to call off a day near Tokyo earlier this year because the weather was just too oppressive, and consequently I missed out on a particular shrine that I'd wanted to visit. I'll be heading to Hong Kong in two months, and I'm hoping I can get shot of a good few pounds before I go so that the flight's at least bearable. I also intend to head back to Japan next year, by which time I want to be fit enough to go hiking in Hokkaido.

I'd also quite like to get married at some point, and I've no wish to do so as a (UK) size 24.

Finally, but by far the most important, I have a fiancee who I love, and I don't want to die young and leave him alone. It's grossly unfair on him as he can't cook for himself, and I'm not so keen on dropping dead myself :eek: (Yes, I'm joking about his cooking).

I think that's about it. Sorry it waffled on for so long, and I hope to get to know you over the coming months :)
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