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Well, that time has arrived again, after months of binge-eating with no regard for my weight or health, I seriously have to diet, but this time I have to go all the way and reach my target weight of 12 stone.

Only 5 stone to lose then...

This year I've already gone from 17st 0lbs on Jan 1st down to 14st 8lbs on March 15th, then I completely lost my way and am now back up to 17st 0lbs when I weighed myself on friday.

I was looking for a bit of inspiration online and stumbled in here - it looks like I'm at the right place :). I will start a weekly weigh-in thread as that will be such a good focus and a motivator, and hopefully there will be advice (and encouragement:whip: ) along the way.

Motivation shouldn't be hard to come by for me though. Over 90% of the clothes in my wardrobe don’t fit me, and when I say don’t fit, I mean not even remotely close.

My weight has been a major problem in my life since I was in my early teens (I'm approaching 30 now) and I wonder how life would have turned out had I not suffered from the wrecked confidence that being overweight has caused. I guess I just don’t want to look back in 20 or 30 years and wish I had done this because you can’t get the time back once it has gone and I've wasted enough already.

I have previously done the Atkins diet and while this was successful in losing about 4 stone (and getting me under the magic 12 stone marker), I didn’t feel particularly healthy from it and put all the weight back on and more, so I won’t be going down this road again.

I’m not going to follow a particular diet this time – as I did from January to March this year I’m going to cut out all the junk and crap (and beer:cry:) and keep my intake of good food under 1500 calories per day as well as taking exercise and drinking plenty of water. It's not rocket science is it!

I also stopped smoking about 6 weeks ago and this has been a contributing factor in me eating more, but on the upside I have a lot more energy now and actually feel inclined to exercise which is vital if this is going to be achievable and also sustainable in the long-term.
Sorry for the novel but I feel better having typed this out.
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I know I can do it...
Hi - welcome to the forum:)

Your post sounds how I felt when I first started my diet. You'll find loads of support here, so what have you got to loose other than weight! Good luck with your diet.
Good luck sounds like you know where you want to go this time. Good luck with the giving up smoking too , I'm an ex 20 a day smoker so know how you feel.
Thanks all for the welcomes.

Well the first day of my journey is today and so far I'm on course, well under 1500 calories of sensible food.

17st exactly this morning - lets see where we are in a week.

julesgr, you are right, it is difficult enough stopping smoking without diesting as well. Although I didn't get through 20 a day (more like 10), food and cigarettes have been such a crutch to me and if I couldn't have one, I'd have more of the other.

The hardest part is turning the corner at the beginning, once you go for a while without smoking and feel the health benefits, along with healthy eating and exercise, you dont want to back.

Or that's the plan anyway :)
Welcome and all the best with your journey - and giving up smoking too, what an achievement (I did the same last year, still off them).

You'll find loads of support and advice here.



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S: 20st4.5lb C: 17st13lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 41.8 Loss: 2st5.5lb(11.78%)
welcome and good luck xxx
Wow, check you out with your new healthy lifestyle. Well done, thats fantastic!

My boyfriend quit smoking a couple of years ago and found that going for a workout in the gym really helpful. It let him burn out the aggression he was feeling and made him feel healthier, which stopped him from back tracking.

I also have a lot to lose and you can see on here how many people are in the same boat. So feel free to write a whole series if you need to.

Good luck x
Thanks Kayles.

It's my first week weigh-in tomorrow morning :eek:

I'm looking forward to it to be honest. I think I've shifted a few lbs although I'm not sure how many.....the truth will out tomorrow.

You are so right about stopping smoking and then getting the urge to exercise. In fact, I have just bought a bike and I never thought I would ever do that in my lifetime!

Good luck to you too

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