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group or online???

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by LastEverDiet, 5 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. LastEverDiet

    LastEverDiet Silver Member

    Hi all,
    I wonder if you can give me some advice based on your experiences? I joined SW once a couple of years ago but the group I went to really put me off, it was a very small group of people much older (and slimmer!) than me and I didn't find it that helpful... want to restart now as I really need to get into a healthy way of eating before hopefully getting pregnant again soon, so have got out my old books this week but its so hard to do just from that.

    So, my question.... group or online? Pros and cons to each I guess... online has put me off as £60 up front is a lot of money, and group would have to be 7.30pm after work and I like to be in my PJs on the sofa by then! Can anyone tell me which they do, and what they find helpful about it?
    Thank you! [flowers]
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  3. I prefer group. I did Slimming World four years ago and lost two stone very quickly going to group. I've since had my second baby and gained the weight again. I've tried to do it without going to group but gave up much more easily (although I didn't actually join online.) For me, the thought of weighing in at group each week keeps me motivated. It depends how much willpower you have though?! I might just be very weak!
  4. LastEverDiet

    LastEverDiet Silver Member

    Haha I have no willpower, that's my problem! Yes, definitely think that weighing in at group gives extra motivation, except i'm worried that i'll just not go if I've had a bad week, and then eat even more cos no one's weighing me! Argh so hard to get into the right head-space sometimes.
    Thanks for replying :)
  5. kikaroo

    kikaroo Silver Member

    I've done both. I have up far to easily when I was doing it online as ended up putting more weight on! I joined a group at the beginning of January and although I'm new, I'm having consistent losses and find the support incredible (I'm addicted to hifi bars now too) I'm like you, I like to get straight home from work, put my onesie on, do tea and curl up on the sofa, but that one night a week is important to me to be able to stick with it. I've started enjoying it as well.
  6. margaret76

    margaret76 Full Member

    I just started going to my slimming world class this morning, I found I was made very welcome had an introduction to the plans and how things go, I was a bit nervous to begin wiv going in on my own thinking omg everyone gonna b looking at me etc, nope everyone was friendly, I agree wiv the online one tho where u have to pay such a high amount at start, im getting my way round the slimming world site now as wen u join u get ur unique pin number , good luck in what choice u make but my personal choice wud b to go to the class listen to the consultant and get the tips from other people and also u get ur hifi bars, iv not tried them yet may buy some next week x
  7. LastEverDiet

    LastEverDiet Silver Member

    Thanks all, you've confirmed what I suppose I knew already... that I need to get up off my sofa and join a group! But its soooooo cold and dark outside, boohoo!
    Right, will carry on doing my best this week and brave the group on Monday, wish me luck! The other issue I have is that I'm so much heavier this time round, wish that the consultant didn't have to look at the scales!
  8. kikaroo

    kikaroo Silver Member

    Good luck! I dreaded my first week and almost bottled it, even as I approached the venue I nearly turned around and went home. Glad I didn't though. I felt uncomfortable at first about stepping on the scales but the consultant won't judge you for it. Remember they've been there too! Have fun and let us know how you got on
  9. RM07

    RM07 Silver Member

    The only people at group who are going to know how much you weigh are the person weighing you and yourself. I had to step in and weigh people the other week and honestly, the line moves so quickly and you're trying to write things down that you can't remember what anyone weighs once you've sat down after everyones weighed... plus the only weight I'm bothered or interested in is my own!
  10. Berryred

    Berryred Gold Member

    I enjoy going to group and look forward to going. Everyone is very welcoming and I always stay for image therapy as lots of hints and tips get up out there.

    Good luck with your journey
  11. MrsSOS

    MrsSOS Full Member

    Best of luck!!!!

    Ah, but those dark nights are getting lighter and lighter and lighter ;)

    If you can walk to group, it adds to your fit log too and by the time it is light enough for people to *see* you walking to your group ... well, just think how much you may have lost by then and how much trimmer you will look!

    Plus, if you buy the SW magazine, it is cheaper at group (if you are only online, you would either need to buy it at a supermarket/shop or, subscribe to the magazine itself to get it).

    Going to group means you meet like minded people with a common goal = potential new friends.
    Going to group means you actually *face* people. People who will see a change in you that you may not notice yourself. People who can offer tips on how *they* do it.
    Going to group means you stand a chance of winning a basket of goodies for Slimmer of the week ;)
    Going to group means you get out of [STRIKE]a rut [/STRIKE]the house :)
    Going to group means you can pay for a "Countdown" course. This means, if you commit for 6 weeks, you only pay the fees for 5 weeks (so, it can save you money). Drawback is, you have to pay in advance - but it is still cheaper than £60 to join online!
    Going to group means - you get to do "group", PLUS, you get online access, PLUS, you get this whole community too! WIN-WIN :clap:

    The hardest part is the first time you walk through the door on your own - after that, it gets easier and easier :) Very good luck for Monday

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