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So I had my hair done today it was my first stone treat! think I like it! But saw my sis in law and and I said I'm on a diet because of the food pushing! she looked me up and down and said REEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAALLLLLLLYYYY?? ahhh I've lost 24lbs and gone down a dress size! I know that should make me more determined! But I feel like just eating myself out of house and home

Hope xxxx
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Hi Hope,

I dont know your sister in law, but she sounds horrible!! Some people will not want you to lose weight for whatever reason. Maybe she is jealous of you. You stick to your guns hun and don't let a nasty comment put you off. You are doing fantastic.

I got my hair done too. Feels good doesn't it!!
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Oooo what a B****!!
Does she have weight to lose by any chance and shes jealous cause you have lost loads???
Well the story behind her is that before I put on all my weight she was bigger than me sort of size 14. and I was 10/12 then when I put on she lost and is now 12. which was fine with me but EVERY diet I have ever been on she has tried to push me into eating! As soon as I say that I am on a diet she says would you like this go on go on! I didn't tell her what diet it was as I really couldn't handle that right now! As soon as I said I was though she said ooohh I'm having take away why don't you. I'll pay... have some wine I just smiled and said no thanks too full even though inside i had already eaten them out of house and home and downed the wine hee hee!! xx



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My sister in law is the same. I'm now slimmer then her by maybe two dress sizes. What did she buy me for my anniversary this year................... A HUGE BOTTLE OF BAILEYS AND A BOX OF THORNTONS. I just smiled politely and gave them all away. Remember the paperwork from the chemist that mentions sabotargers......thats what these guys are. Their intentions are not nice. She's been making comments like.......You're starting to look old. Your face is better with the weight on. Don't go too far because you look 'drawn' etc etc. Just smile through it hun and don't take any of it to heart.

Good luck.

p.s.....post a picture of the new you with your fabulous blond hair.
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Oh its just not nice when people do that. Never mind think how jealous she will be when you reach your goal!!


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Shelly..............have you had a teeny weeny vodka?
Ha ha I feel thoroughly cheered up!! funny enough she has said things like have you hair cut short it sounds a big round face like yours!! it would suit mine! Mines to slender! ha ha! I thought last night it made me feel weaker than ever but you what... after reading all your lovely replies about such a nice woman (hee hee) I've had the best night ever I have been so determined! Bring on the next weigh in!!!!!

P.s I have a few friends that try to push as well and a few that are brill my hubby is very supportive but I try not to struggle to much in front of him!! My sis who is also a 'poster!!' on here she is ace I don't know what I would have done without her she supports me at my toughest time!! My evening slump! Cheers for the advice girlies!! P.s You are all doing SOOO well!! check you out!! I have big dreams for my weight loss around 7.5 stone but I setting mini goals!! I'm 5'6 and 22yrs

Hope xxxx


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Great thread...I thought I was the only one with a sis in law from hell....wonder are they all related!!!


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S: 17st7lb C: 16st5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 39.3 Loss: 1st2lb(6.53%)
Wish my bruv would get sense....yesterday she kept made comments to me about "putting it back on as quickly as you lost it!!!"......I just smiled and yes "oh the benefits of the high life"...she doesnt know I pregnant....and plan to tell her last.....ahhhhhhh.....


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What the hell is it with sister-in-laws!!!!!!!!!!!

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