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Hi all, i have one word CONSTIPATION!!
Day 3 of taking Orlistat,i thought you were supposed too go the other way on the loo!
I have been a few times but its damned hard,no sign of orange oil,i so desperately want too see some oil so i know that they are working,my friend who has started with me has had loads so does this mean that its not working? I know its early day and i should be patient but Grrrrrr!! Maybe its because i am on a really low fat diet and i have no fat too pass on the loo,who knows,please help Tracey x
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Your not taking enough fat in if you are constipated.

What is a typical days menu for you? Eat some fruit and have some fruit juice to try and get yourself "going" again... and we can see if you're eating enough fat...
I have 2 weetabix for breakfast,with skimmed milk and canderal.
Lunch i have a pitta bread,stuffed with chicken,salad,beetroot,salad cream,low fat yoghurt,healthy eating cereal bar.
For Tea i have a weight watchers,meal with lots of extra veggies and before i go to bed i have a high lights hot choccy. I drink water throught out the day as well. Also i eat fruit aswell.
Thanks for helping me xx
Are you having this every day? The nurses from MAP told me, if you are eating something more than once a week, it should never be more then twice a week.

Try differen't things for your breakfast, toast, beans on toast, poached egg on toast.... etc...

You could even have a bacon buttie, cut the fat off and grill it.

WW meals are alright but you should really be cooking fresh food. Preserved meals are full of crap and to live healthy, we need the nutrients from fresh foods. Dinner time, do the same, try different things every day, as much as you can. Soup, jacket taty, salads with different meats, cheese, fish etc...

Its about variety the most. Fruit and fruit juice for constipation as well!

See how you get on... and tell us how it is in a few days...
ok thanks will try that,i did have a jacket with baked beans for tea last night,i have heard that you should avoid eggs,is that true?? I also try and avoid too many carbs in one day because for some reason they stop me from loosing weight. My friend is eating pasta's with mayo,oven chips,etc etc and she is still loosing weight,trouble is when i was prescibed these tablet,i wasnt really given much information about what too eat and avoid etc,so i really do not know what i am doing to be fair.I really appreciate your help,just wanna be thinner and more healthier,and sexier for my husband lol,although he loves me no matter what!! x x x
i feel your pain - i have been on Xenical for about 3 weeks now and am v constipated, i prob go about every 2/3 days :( sorry for such in depth info!! it also means my tummy is quite bloated. but then all of a sudden i will really need to go!!
like you i am trying really hard and trying to keep to a low fat diet and sticking to the 5g/100g & <15 rule, but so confused about what im meant to be eating.
i havent weighed myself since starting (i want to wait till i go to my nurse every 4 weeks) so i dont know if i have lost any weight, my pants seem to be a fitting easier but deffo not seeing the results some are on here.
i think im gonna do a food diary over the next couple of days and post it on here to see if others can spot if im obviously going wrong somewhere!

good luck
I had the same problem when I first started them.

I didn`t realise that about no more than twice a week, I tend to eat more or less the same thing day in day out cos I know it`s "safe" Maybe thats half the reason I`m not really losing any weight? :(


gunna be a fatty for ever
KAy do you have the number for map? i cant seem to find it?xx
An egg is fine, but remember, if you're having something more then once a week it should be no more than twice a week!
The MAP people told me that the calories in eggs are in the yolk so I could eat the whites when I liked. When I had scrambled eggs I had a whole egg and an egg white whisked with milk.
It's just a tip for anyone who likes them:)
good luck with the constipation hun, exercise will also help with movements.


gunna be a fatty for ever
The MAP people told me that the calories in eggs are in the yolk so I could eat the whites when I liked. When I had scrambled eggs I had a whole egg and an egg white whisked with milk.
It's just a tip for anyone who likes them:)
I also do that too it bulks your meal out a bit with out the fat!!

Love your profile pic your baby is sooo cute!!


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