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Grrrrrrrr its soooo annoying!

Hi everyone, iv read a few posts on here about toning up and as far as iv seen most of u didnt need to, u lucky things. The thing is i have HUGE upper arms and as im losing weight they are just gettin worse.:cry: Has anyone got any fantasic solutions to this? :confused: Any advice gratefully recieved! Thanks x
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Know how you feel - my bingo wings are starting to get a bit on the flappy side now they're not filled so much with fat lol.

Have you thought about swimming? Great not just for the arms but overall toning too :)


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That is my problem area as well, they are awful !!! I have read of a few people getting the slendertone for arms machine, anyone tried it.
I am even considering surgery.
So I would be interested in any of your replys. Great question
Give this a try:

• Tricep kickbacks – Kneel on the floor or a bench with one knee in front of the other. Use one arm to support on the front leg or the bench and hold a small handweight (or bottle filled with sand or water, tin of beans) in the other. Position the arm holding the weight so that the upper arm is level with the back and the elbow is tucked in to your waist. Maintain this position and extend the elbow until the arm is straight, but avoid locking the elbow joint. Return to the start position. Try around 15 of these. By the end aim to reach fatigue so you cannot do any more. Repeat on both arms.

• Tricep extension – Stand tall with the spine nice and long, the tummy tight and the knees soft. With a weight in one hand, take the arm up to the side of the head and hold it in position with the other arm. Allow your arm to bend, under control, so that you lower the weight down behind the head and in between the shoulder blades. Extend back up to the start position. The upper part of the arm next to your head should be vertical throughout. Again try around 15 repetitions to fatigue on both arms.

Personally, I go swimming 5-6 days a week, and it really helps!!
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me too! my arms have really loose skin, I'm considering an arm lift but the scars are horrendous-its stretches from your armpit all the way down to your elbow socket, so not exactly inconspicuous!

argghhhh all this weightloss and we're left with flabby skin :(


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No exercises will help loose skin, sorry. I think all we can do (I have bad ones too) is keep moisturising to help the skin stay elastic and it may well "catch up" with the rest of you. I have heard somewhere it can take a year for your skin to tighten up again.
Thanks guys, spoke to my CDC tonight and she says all the good stuff in the shakes works its magic, but yeah it can take a long time in maintanance before your skin decides its time to tighten up. Also sadly age matters as the natural collagen is reduced. Still interested in anything else i can do to help tho, its gettin me down!


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Still loving the wii fit in our house but just doing some arm exercises with a tin of beans in each hand will really help. Try holding arms out to the side at shoulder height raising hand to shoulders (dont hit your head with the beans!). Hold arms out in front and raise to shoulder. You can feel the burn after only a few lifts.


Step away from the chips!
I'm thinking of buying a Swingball for the garden to give me a bit of an upper body workout :D

(any excuse to let my inner child out :eek::p)


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How about aqua aerobics? I find that really toning for my arms :)
Ali x


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wat about swimming. or yoga... that might work


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I arms are all flabby thanks to going up and down and up and down. I know there's only so much I can do. I am not going to beat myself up about it. I wear three quarter lengths and emphasize somewhere else on my body instead.

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