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28lbs away or most importantly 1-2 sizes away


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S: 12st7lb C: 8st9lb G: 8st3lb BMI: 20.8 Loss: 3st12lb(30.86%)
Hi there. I'm Angel (no thats not my real name but it suits my purposes for now;)) I'm currently 19 years old, and will soon be 20 years old. I'll tell you a little about myself:

My mum always used to kind of drop subtle hints to make me realise that I was overeating sometimes and it wasn't good and that I should do something about it, and I never would. I'd always cry and tell her that she was just picking on me. I was never a big girl, I mean I was a tad overweight, but it never showed, even at my biggest (91kg). People would estimate me as 60kg and it would be really humiliating because I'd always know my true weight. My uncle gave me a joke nickname of 'fatty' and although it was amusing to him, it always made me cry. Little did i know that he wasn't doing it to be amusing but to make me realise that i should do something before it was too late. I guess the thing that changed for me a lot was the fact that I was always in a sort of thoughtful mood, always thinking of the future and thinking who i'd get married to, how the marriage would be. I wanted to wear a nice fitted strapless dress with no flab on my stomach or arms. I always thought to myself that nobody would love me or would be attracted to me because I was overweight and who could truly be attracted to an overweight person. I always thought of my weight as repulsive and I guess there just came a day when I decided that I just needed that better lifestyle for myself and that I'd love the day when I didn't have to shop for plus size clothing but could do normal shopping with my sisters. My sisters constantly share clothes/exchange and I've always felt left out because obviously they wouldn't want any of my clothes as it would be way too big on them. It was also embarassing as my older sister is shorter than me and petite so people are always guessing that im older and i guess the extra weight does that to you.

I initially started my journey in about may 2009. My starting weight was about 200lbs, about 91kg. From mid may to the end of july, I lost 2 stones (so about 12.6kg in about 2.5 months). August was the start of Ramadhan (month of fasting) and at first I was exercising whilst fasting, but then was getting too dizzy all the time through lack of water. My motivation kind of went and although I wasn't eating as much as I used to, since I began eating my mums food again, well lets just say the stuff she makes are yummy but not very healthy so even a small amount will have loads of calories. Anyway Ramadhan came and went but then I had to fast more days due to the ones I missed the previous years. I weighed myself after, and hadn't gained or lost any weight. I never gained my momentum back after a while, so december 2009 came and went, then came the new year and although I would exercise from time to time, i was never really that strict with food, so I'd always stay at 78kg, one week gaining, one week losing what i gained, the third week STS, and it was a constant battle to try and find that determined person back in may 2009. October 2010 came. And that was a month of revelations. I don't know what changed really, but I guess I got so fed up of staying at 78kg (I even began to believe that maybe 78kg was the weight I was destined to be), but one day I just told myself 'you know what, im gonna make these promises to God: no more white bread, no more white pasta unless it's a rare feast, no more white rice unless it's a rare feast, no more crisps, chocolate a couple of times but only small pieces, no more unneccessary stuff like doughnuts or croissants, no more biscuits at all until the end of may or when i get to goal'. And it helped. As a Muslim, when you say you're going to do something and you don't, it's still a lie, but when you swear by God, it makes it that much more serious, and this is what kept me going, those promises to God. I also made promises to do frequent exercise and not just as and when I feel like it. Anyway, it was just what I needed and till this day, I haven't really strayed apart from once or twice when I've forgotten. As a result, I lost an extra 24lbs to now make my total weight loss to 52lbs. I have an extra 28lbs to go, but those from the exercise board will know that I'm not really that interested in lbs lost, rather than inches lost and sizes lost, and getting to goal size rather than goal weight.

So here's my before measurements and now:


BUST: 36inches
WAIST: 36inches
UPPER THIGHS: 27inches
UNDERBUST: 32inches


BUST: 32inches
WAIST: 30inches
UPPER THIGHS: 24inches
UNDERBUST: 28inches


BUST: 4inches
WAIST: 6inches
UNDERBUST: 4inches

I used to always wear a size 18/20 as I never felt comfortable in figure hugging clothes and always used to get one size above. It used to be really awkward as people used to think I was flat chested (I used to be 36B and that wasn't in proportion to the rest of my body) and now after losing those inches from my waist and tummy and bust, my chest has become more apparant. :eek:

So in terms of sizes, I'm now a size 12 on top and size 14 on bottom.
Those that have seen previous posts will remember me saying that my goal size was 12 but I've now changed it to being a size 10 on top and size 12 on bottom. I'm naturally big boned so a size 8 isn't realistic and my thighs have always been bigger than most and I'm now having a nightmare getting rid of them lol. I'm close to goal but still kind of far off as need to tone up a bit more and get rid of my fatty thighs. My BMI is now 25.4 so I'm close to getting towards that normal range but i've never went by BMI anyway. My ideal measurements would be to keep my bust the same, waist 28inches, thighs about 21inches, and underbust about the same, though maybe having the same inch underbust and waist would be really weird lol. But we'll see how it plays out. I'm feeling really optimistic this time. I've had to throw so many clothes out because they just keep falling off me. And some of my tops have become so baggy that it's ridiculous. These days when my mum sees me, she just shakes her head then says 'wow, i can hardly recognise you anymore, you've gone so slim and turned into a different person, even your chubby cheeks are gone'. My cheekbones have become more prominent lol. Everyone keeps telling me that im at the perfect size now and not to do anything more but im not doing this for them, im doing this for me and im not happy at the size im at now.

I know people with 100lbs or more to lose think they have a harder journey and a longer journey than those with less to lose and that may be true. In fact i do think it's true and I applaud everyone that has had a lot to do for their success, but even those with less struggle. I'm an example. With the extra 28lbs to lose that would be a total of 80lbs loss, so not as much as most on here, but at the start of this journey, the end of the road seemed so long away. Some people made me feel like I'd never lose weight as it would be impossible. Then i'd look at the biggest loser and think 'wait a minute they have more to lose so how comes they can do it?'. But even after the biggest loser, i still thought it was impossible for me personally, but I have to thank this site, as I got to see real people posting their results, saw peoples success stories, and knew straight away that I could do it and now here I am.

When you're struggling or the journey seems so long away as it has done for me countless times, just know that others before you have had success and if you set your mind to it and truly want it, you can have success too.

I'd put up before/after pictures but i decided not to take any pictures at all.
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Hiya, congrats on getting to near your goal. Did you pray when you found things tough going? :)


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your post really struck a cord with me..well done 52 lbs is an amazing weight loss and good luck with losing your remaining 28lbs. im sure your journey is as hard as someone that has more to lose we all have to battle our own demons!! dont make little of what u have achieved so far u should be so proud of yourself..people like u are inspirational to me :) :) xxx


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Well done Angel, you have made a fabulous achievement there. Im sure you will hit your goal as you seemed so determined to do it. Go you!


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It was great to read about your journey. I'm stuck on that plateau at the moment, so it was really great to read about someone who managed to push through it and carry on.
Well done on your loss so far, and good luck for those remaining lbs!
Best wishes.


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Hi Angel, what a great read, that's well done there. I look forward to reading more posts from you


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I enjoyed reading your story and well done for being so focused. Some people make pacts with friends on this journey whilst others ask God for guidance and support. I did both. Whatever works for you and it certainly has, keep going hun you have done well :).


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S: 12st7lb C: 8st9lb G: 8st3lb BMI: 20.8 Loss: 3st12lb(30.86%)
Hiya, congrats on getting to near your goal. Did you pray when you found things tough going? :)
Thank you
Yeah I did. I used to ask God to make things easier for me and allow me to be able to stick to things strictly.

Thanks to everyone for your kind words x :)

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