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It's the time of year... I must admit, I'm really struggling with all the chocolate that's about right now! I'm sure you won't be the first (or last) on this forum to succumb over the next few weeks!


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oops!....well there's 2 ways to look at this...

Were they nice........?

1. YES - then accept the fact that you have eaten them and enjoyed them...count the syns and allow yourself that one treat then get back on plan 100%

2 - NO - then next time you are tempted - remember how you feel afterwards and you won't waste your time/syns eating them in the first place!

Temptation is everywhere - but in saying that dieting should not be a punishment and you should be allowed to slip - as long as you acknowledge the slip.....and get right back on thinking - oh well I've had a box...might as well open the mince pies now too!!!!!!!!!!!



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The most important thing is don't give up now, draw a line under it and get back on track tomorrow. We all do it :D


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I bought myself some Lindor chocolates and 1 ball in 4 syns. I allow myself 1 every evening after dinner. I think if you can allow yourself a little each day, it can prevent you from having a binge. Not guaranteed at times of mental/emotional stress though!