Guess who bought size 14 jeans today..ME !!


I want to be slim !!
Hello... :D

Well today is the last day of week 6 and been to be weighed today and..... Ive lost 1st 12lb :eek: and i can get into a pair of size 14 jeans.. How excited was i !!

I was walking round NEXT today like a kid in a candy shop..

Going to put the photo my darling daughter took of me in Eygpt in June this year (in gallery) and also one my hubby took this morning.. With no make up on :rolleyes:

Well done you, just the type of story we need to hear to give us all inspiration!

Congrats skinny lady!!
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Superb loss and well done, im so proud of you x
Hi C J

Glad you had a great day. So close to 2 stone in only 6 weeks you must be really thrilled.

Dizzy x
Thank you all for your lovely reply's..

Puddycat... Not been called skinny for VERY long time.
thanks x
Well done you!
Great loss of weight and great gain of shopping options!
Hi Cara, just looked at your pics and you look fab! Very inspired by 2 stone loss in 6 weeks, well done you!!!
Well done Cara ! fab loss in just 6weeks :D