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Guess who's back... Motivation Help Please...!!


Guess whos back...
Well i am back again, been 2-3 months or so since i was last here and tried a restart down-under. I just couldnt get stuck into it last time around, i think all the stress of building a new life down-under just made it harder to focus on diet.

But here i be 4 days into SS on Optifast, i have the biggest goal any man could need, basically if i dont reduce my BMI by about 14 points by June then the lovely NZ immigration department will not grant me a visa extension and then i will have to return to ol Blighty (nothing against UK and you lovely guys, but i like it here you know!)

So its a bit of a mission, in fact i am not sure its possible to lose about 35kg+ in 5mths without dying :cry: But my hope is if i can lose as much as possible then maybe just maybe they throw me a bone come visa day..

Else i see you all for a beer back home.

Anyway i been on a restart of Optifast (easiest VLCD to get hold of in NZ) since Monday morning and although i have only faulted once (being 2 marmite sandwiches Monday night) and since then i stuck to my 3 shakes (only 3 on optifast) and my 4litres of water.

But even with the massive goal of staying in NZ being my motivation, i am sat here tonight looking at a $20 note thinking "well one takeaway more would make me feel better surely". As i had stinking headache for 3days and feel so tired i been in bed at 7pm each night, which is unprecedented for me. So feeling better would be nice eh.
Part of me even considers giving up on life in NZ just so i can enjoy the junk i usually eat! :mad:

i suppose its the 3-4 day pain barrier tricking my mind, i know last time i did this i felt fine after 6-7 days, its just getting through that barrier you know?

Ah well its good to be back with you guys and gals :D
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Hi Lee and welcome back.

You have done it before and you CAN do it again. You have a very good reason to do it too this time. You know how it is the first few days, and you just have to keep your head down, bite the bullet and do it and then after that it will be plain sailing. Good luck and I am glad to hear you are loving it in Oz xxx
Hi Prof!
Loads of us are on restarts so you'll be getting a lot of support and sympathy when the going gets tough. You have an A1 reason to stick to the plan ... I've been to NZ remember, so I know what you'd be giving up if you had to come back to the UK.

I'm only here because of my family ... if that weren't the case then I'd be over there too. You have such a wonderful opportunity - don't risk it for a marmite sarnie (or any other kind :))

Good luck - keep us posted on your progress.
Getting into ketosis can be hell, the memory of what I went through is a huge motivator stopping me putting weight back on - never, ever want to go there again. But it's only a couple of days for you now, you can cope with that with what you have at stake. Keep yourself busy, keep your mind occupied, sleep it off if necessary then you'll be fine.

I'd say that you can lose that weight comfortably in the time available IF you stick to the diet. Assuming Optifast works as quickly as CD, and bearing in mind that men lose faster than women (lucky b*st*rds), you can do it. So keep your goal in mind, forget the distractions, and do this for yourself. We are all here to cheer you on.


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Hi Lee , your pints on the bar waiting for ya ... Only joking mate , now if you don't move yourself it will be waiting , its hell but you know its best to get on with it :)))) keep smiling , BTW its cold here.... might make you think crist i'm not going home hehe


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Hi Lee,

Good to hear that you are loving your new life in NZ!

So its a bit of a mission, in fact i am not sure its possible to lose about 35kg+ in 5mths without dying :cry: But my hope is if i can lose as much as possible then maybe just maybe they throw me a bone come visa day..
You should be able to lose at least a stone a month and more you being a man:)

Stay away from marmite sandwiches...:innocent0002:

Have you got bars to chew on Optifast?

Getting to day four is a big achievement...hang in there and you will be in ketosis soon....

Love Mini xxx
of course its possible to lose 35kg in 5 months! And as much as I can relate to that 'one more take-away' feeling (boy can I!) deep down you know it is really not worth it. I'm sitting here thinkin 'how much better will i look or feel anyway?' just to give myself a reason to eat. It sounds like you have an amzing opportunity to have a great life over there. Think of it as a genuine re-start; re-start your life in NZ a healthier slimmer you, with people not knowing the bigger you. I truly hope you keep going -it would such a shame to waste this chance over bloody ugly food!!!! ;)


Guess whos back...
Thanks guys, well i went to see the pharmacist today for a weigh-in even though 5days in, and WOW i lost 5kg in 5days..


EDIT: All this Kg is confusing, but trying talking pounds and stone to this lot!


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I lost 6 stones in 5 months on CD - and for a man that weight loss would be faster. My 6 months is next week.

Great news on your weight loss - well done!

Fabulous start!

woop woop for the weight losses!!!
Good luck... you can do it

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