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Guidance please before my meeting tonight!!

Hi everyone. These forums have been an amazing support to me this last 6 months during a very exciting and scary journey for me. I was wondering since that's the case whether you guys can offer me some support.

Well...having read Bex and BL's recent postings about going into RTM I started to think a little bit more seriously than before. Bex highlighted something that I think is quite important to me (as I think I'm trying to ignoring it - I should know better really). I am also starting to suffer dizzy spells, headaches a bit more often than I would like and I am a bit anxious I'm going to faint. My blood pressure has been a bit erratic this last week or so (we've been practicing at nurse school a few times a day for an upcoming exam!) and I am thinking I need to listen to my body too. But...at the same time I only have 7.5lbs to lose. I know in reality I can lose that in RTM but I don't want to rely on that, yet at the same time it's a much more managable weight loss to combat on my own rather than the 5 stone I originally started with! Do you see this torn decision I have...also I am so scared as I tried RTM before and I did gain (admittedly I was on holiday and did lose it a bit towards the end but being away from the group at such a vulnerable time was also difficult). Anyway. I'm leaving in about 30 mins for my meeting and would welcome any thoughts if anyone is out there. My BMI is 26.5. Thanks guys xx
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Hi Kaalin. I don;t think you can discount yourself too much with regards to RTM and then gaining, as you were only on it for a short time before your hols, no? That was a blip. I know when you tuck into it for good, you will be in control and will do just fine.

7.5 pounds is a timy amount to lose, and you would probably lose that easily in the first 3-4 weeks of RTM. I will be about 9 pounds over the goal I initially choosed, and feel I can lose some in RT, and if the rest bothers me, can sort that on my own at my own pace. After hoiking aroun 10 extra stone, I shant worry a blink about 7 or 8 pounds!!

But you need to feel happy with that decision. It has to be for you. I went back and forth, I wanted to be sure my intentions were accurate and true, and that I was not trying to just end the diet early, and I know I am where I want to be. But it was not a lighlty made decision.

I know you will be fine - as long as you know you will be too. If you do, then perhaps it is the time to make the jump.

LEt us know what you decide!! WOuld be great to have you come along with us!


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Hi Matey

I think you should listen to your body. And also if you think it will be beneficial for you to start RTM with the two other ladies then it may also be a good idea.

I lost in RTM not as much as I would have liked and have been up and down by about 6lbs for the last few weeks but then I will admit I have had friends from all over the world stay with me and lets just say my plan was not followed as it should so entirely my own fault.

I would say if your blood pressure is all over the place your body is probably trying to say to you to sort it out.

Yours is a tricky situation because you are so close but then I think on or off RTM you are going to loose that in more or less the same time. I lost 4lbs in my first week and 3lb in my second.

Good luck.
Hi ladies, you are so right...thanks for you help. It helps so much to have people who actually understand! Friends and family are great but they don't really understand the nitty gritty of it all! In reality I dreamed of being this weight and clothes size again and wondered if it is every possible. But in my usually manner, I'm striving for perfection but then as I get nearer perfection my expectations get higher!
BL - You've really helped me get that holiday blip into perspective!
Tange - you have done so so well at RTM and your words are very encouraging. I hope I can lose a similar amount.
Thank you sooooo much xxx

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