guilty guilty guilty


methenie from london.
:( i feel guilty today on my scale was 4 pounds minus ...i was soooooooooo happy ...after shopping i did eat one meringue ( 52 kcal ) i know its so stupid since i start my diet ( 2 months ago ) i lost 3 stones and 5 pounds ....

But i needed to tell this to someone ...

:confused: why ?

to see if this happen sometimes to you also ..

and to not restart again this stupid mistake
oh hun, don't feel guilty! You are only human!

You've lost a fanatastic amount of weight and one meringue isn't going to hurt!! if you had said you had eaten a whole box of them washed down with a litre of coke and polished off with a couple of mars bars THEN yes! You would've had some real problems!

But one meringue... nah... don't worry about it... just limit it to that one and you'll be absolutley fine, I'm sure!

As for being stupid - no no no... you aren't stupid. Please don't be so harsh on yourself. It was the teensiest slip... that's all.

So... hopefully you will feel a bit brighter now and not allow guilt to get to you because you don't deserve to feel bad - ok?

Take care and good luck with your weight loss.
Nell, a meringue is not the end of the world, it's hardly a binge. Just a slip, we all make them, and now you've told us you can put it behind you and carry on with the diet. I hope it doesn't affect your ketosis.
If we are honest I think most of us have had the odd guilty nibble, and some much worse than that. But so long as it doesn't make you give up it is not a problem, particularly if it makes you more determined to carry on without cheats.
You've lost brilliantly so far and I'm sure you'll continue.
Hi Ya

Dont feel guilty!! Its only one poxy meringue!!!

I was on holidays for a week there and I ended up eating half of tenerife. The main thing is that you get back on track!!
Hi Methenie,

I think before we went on this diet we were so use to rewarding ourselves with food for doing well in all areas of our life that this was a knee jerk reaction to being so happy with your 4lb. weight loss today.

As the others have said don't beat yourself up and learn from it.

It takes a while to change old ingrained habits and replace them with new healthier ones...

We are all a work in progress.

Congrats' on your wonderful weight loss to date:)

Love Mini xxx
I second what Mini Said. The rewarding yourself with food is something that we all seem to condition ourselves to do. Just like on WW when I had good loss I let myself have a chinese and then spent the rest of the week worrying about the damage it may of done to my weigh in the next week.

If you identify that that is whats going on then you can say to yourself. Im going to buy myself a new Lipstick or something and put a wee label on it saying 'my reward for losing ___lbs on week ___'.
Yup - rewarding ourselves with food is unfortunately normal for a lot of us!!

Make a non food treat list and enjoy it as you reach your goals.

Good luck and carry on with the fab weight loss!!
thanks for your support

:) thanks for your mess
today is a new day ...

losing weight is a war .... and the principal is ...carry on ...

thanks a lot !!