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Gutted! I put on 2lbs!


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I just wanted to vent really. I am really disappointed this week as I put on 2 pounds. This is my third week and the first week I lost 3 pounds then the second week I lost 1 and a half and then this week I have put 2 pound on!. I did slightly veer off track on Saturday when I had a chinese buffet but I only had 1 plateful, I had a few chips and the rest was meat. Apart from that I have stuck to it 100% and surely that 1 plate would not justify a 2 lb weight gain? I am wondering if this could be my star week ( I am not due on until 30th) I am really gutted. I had already lost 2 and a half stone on my own but my body sort of stuck and the weight wouldnt start moving again (I was having about 1000 calories a day) so when i started sliming world and for 2 weeks it looked like it was moving, I am now nearly back to what I was! I still have 3 stone to go. I am so flat at minute and I really hope it is just my body and it will sort itself out next week. I feel like crying and am totally depressed. I am starting to think that slimming world isnt for me:cry:. Everywhere I read people lose or if they put on it is because they have been really naughty. I am also walking a hell of a lot more than I have done on any diet and I never have a cheat day as I would have in the past after weigh in where I would go to the chippy after I had been weighed. I am trying to keep my chin up and keep positive but am finding it really hard.
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Ok. First of all, WELL DONE on losing 2 1/2 lbs.!!!!

Worried about your gain? Let's have a look....

You think it might be your * week. - That could account for your gain.

1 "plateful" at the Chinese buffet. - How big was the plate? Did you pile the food on? (not being critical. Before SW I was the Queen of the "Tower Plate")

What meat did you have? - Duck is quite high in syns.

"I was having about 1000 calories a day". - Doing SW, your body may be having more than 1000 calories a day (but of healthier things). After 3 weeks on plan, your body is just having what I call 'an adjustment week'. 'Adjustment weeks' are when after being 100% on plan, your body either gains, STS, or gives you only a 1/2 lb loss. I look at these weeks as when your body goes 'ok, you've been changing your eating habits, are you going to change again?'. I also personally think that these are the weeks when I lose inches rather than weight.

"Everywhere I read, people lose or if they put on it is because the have been really naughty" - I hear ya sista!!! There have been a few weeks where I have put on and been 100% on plan. Accepting it as 'an adjustment week' (see above) makes it a little easier.

NOW, for the gentle kick up the bum (and a big (((((*HUG*)))) )

Don't give up!!!!!

YOU are "walking a hell of a lot more than I have done on any diet". Well done!!!! Getting active is a great thing to do to improve your health!!!!!

YOU "never have a cheat day, as I would have in the past after WI" Well done!!!!! By not having a 'cheat day' you have broken the habits of 'food as a reward or comfort'. YOU are changing your attitude to food!!!!!!

Keep going!!!!!!

The main questions you should be asking yourself......Do you enjoy the plan? Are you eating more healthily? Let's be honest, we are all here to lose weight, but I am loving the fact that now I'm eating more healthily.

Lastly, at least give the plan another couple of weeks. How can you decide the plan isn't for you after just one gain???!!? If you are really concerned, then talk to your consultant. They are there to give you advice and encouragement. Maybe do a food diary, you might be doing something 'wrong' that you don't realise.

Whatever you decide to do, Good Luck!!!!

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What a fantastic reply lonestitcher - I don't think I can add much to it!

Don't give up - you know that losses are possible - as you have already lost weight! Stick to what you are doing and see what happens at your next weigh in! Good luck!
Brilliant reply - I know you're disappointed hun, but keep at it, give it another 2 weeks and see what happens, I was ready to throw in towel last week, but lost 3lbs this week - sometimes it just takes time for your body to adjust. xxx


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Fab reply Lonestitcher!

The only other thing I can add is - do a food diary! it is so easy to miss those little tiny syns that only someone else can see! Although if you are coming to SW after a 1000 calorie diet then I can see that you might experience a gain whilst your body gets used to being able to eat lots of nice free foods!

One week, I gained 2lbs and all i'd had above and beyond my syns was 2 toffee crisp mini bites. Sometimes your body just gives you grief for no reason.

Give it a few more weeks, write your food diaries out and see what you think.

I used to go to the buffet and think I was making 'good' choices, like egg foo yung, beansprouts, chicken and mushroom, char siu pork - but really, those places are full of slop cooked in oil and packed with salt. I'd just avoid them, you could have had three weeks worth of syns on one plate and not even realised!

Good luck sticking with it hun, once it clicks, it'll be there for life! xx


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awww hun i feel your pain, i felt like that after week three of SW, i had a gain and i was fed up. BUT i gave myself 2 weeks and kept a food diary and stayed 100% on the diet. i lost 8lbs in those two weeks! i've gone on to lose 2 stone in less than 3 months, so it REALLY does work. give yourself another couple of weeks, keep a food diary (on here if you can, then we can look and tell you how you're doing) and stay on plan 100%. you can do it :) x
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I had a gain this week too (1lb) and I've been good all week. My consultant said if you have an unexplained gain you usually have a double loss the following week so thats worth bearing in mind. Keep at it and you'll definitely see good results!

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I have a pattern developing, where I loose well, sts, gain and then loose more again. You could be developing a pattern too Hun, although it may be to early to tell.
Sadly we all want the weight to fall off us, but realistically its not going to happen. Just enjoy the fact that you are eating healthily. I only have to look at something fattening and I gain weight, so to even consider something that takes me over my syns whilst on plan is a big No, no for me, you may be the same.

Give it another week, it could be your * week and that you are holding water this week.

Big Hugs to you and take care.

You have had some great advice here, I agree with the adjustment week thing too, I have joined SW and WW many times and I always do find this at about week 3, sometimes even a good few weeks in I have a week like that too. The trick is to look at it totally differently, as lonestitcher says, its easier to carry on if you see it as an adjustment week rather than thinking its just not working and give up.
Good luck with the coming week, I know its so tough to carry on if you are feeling disheartened, I have been there so many times and given in.
Make sure you pop on here as much as you can too, as there are always loads of people here to help you and give advice, you sound like you have been really trying as you are doing lots of excersise and the fact you have given up the cheat day, these are real achievments.
Keep going and good luck x
If it's any consolation..... I've had an adjustment week, this week, and gained 1 1/2 lbs for no reason. However, being on day 231 of the plan, I know that if I just carry on, the weight will come off again.

Keep going !!!!!!


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aw thank you all for your kind words of encuoragement. I have picked my dummy back out from the pram and I am definitley not going to give up. I have my brother in laws wedding in 5 weeks time and was hoping to be under the 13 stone mark (today weighing 13stone 4) so I am still hoping that will happen. I know I fluctuate on my scales at home as all I have to do is lean back a little and to the right and hey presto I can lose 4 pounds. I am just going to take it as it is my body just doing its thing and things will work out next week. I even walked 1 and a half miles tonight after my tea. I am so determined this time, never felt like it before so this is a kick in the teeth but just going to class it as a blip. I will keep at it for another few weeks and see if the weight loss keeps happening. One of the reasons for joining was to have more of a way of life to healthier eating for all the family not just me as when i followed ww i always ended up making me something, then the kids then the hubby and I hate making lovely stuff for other people when I cant have it so this way I can have my chips and eat them! so if it works for me I intend to stick with it. also the fact the kids eat fresh instead of easy frozen nuggets and frozen chips etc is much much better for them.

Anyway thank you for coming to my pity party, lets hope there are no more for a while yet.

Oh and Vixster I have been laughing to myself all night about your Lady Dorothy of Perkinshire, I thought that was class! lol x

Glad your feeling batter karen - you will get there don't worry.

I know just how you feel though - been there done that!! Actually this week I was equally as gutted at my WI & that was a stay the same - still for me I was gutted as it wasn't a loss!!

Never mind - i thionk sometimes it gives you the determination for the next week :)

Good Luck honey - you can do it!

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As D-Ream sang

" things can only get better"

chin up hun and wipe your wee slate clean, you body prob jus needs time to settle into SW

i sometimes feel like im not losing the weight i should be for what im eating and the excercise im doing but im also losing inches ..... so maybe you are too :D



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