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I couldnt go to a class either, but my problem was more to do with having 2 young kids, and i work as well, so couldnt commit to a class. anyway, I decided to go it alone, and bought the 'at home' pack at £55. You may think its a lot of money, but for me, to really do this seriously, i had to go into it 100%, and i reckoned that by spending the money, it would make me more focused on my goal. I have been on it now for 13 weeks, and ive lost 25lbs so far, and also lost 29 inches all over. i weigh myself on the wii fit every monday morning, and i fill in my journal every day religiously. After you lose a stone, and for every one thereafter you take a photocopy of your journal weight loss entries, and send it off, and you will get certificates sent through the post, which i thought was good. Ive been to classes before (weightwatchers), and yes ive been succesfull, but ended up putting the weight back on. dont get me wrong, they have there place, and the feeling of having someone there at the end of the week is a good feeling, but for me personally this was something i wanted to do myself, for myself! If i missed a week at class before, it would have the effect that i would just eat what i wanted until i got weighed the next week, but as im doing it myself, theres no 'missed weeks' and i know that if i cheat then im only cheating myself. My thoughts were also that, as class is around £5 per week, the £55 would have been spent in ten weeks, whereas i have everything i need to continue to goal without any more outlay, apart from the 12 week journals of course. Its obviously personal choice, and if i could have went to a class, i would have done, but im so glad i done it myself, and the sense of achievment, (for me), is so much greater. Its amazing the willpower you can muster when your getting great results. i also buy the magazines. theres lots of success stories, and recipes in them. If you dont want to spend the £55 theres sometimes deals on e-bay with the books, and stuff. you can pick up a bargain, but like i said, i spent the £55, so i would stick to it, and then i felt like i was doing it 'properly', just as if i was going to a class. anyway, hopefully my ramblings will be of some help, and good luck, whatever you decide to do.

Linda xx
Thank you very much, its made me feel much more positive about it, as like you, I have 2 children and work fulltime as well. I have had a little peek on ebay and theres some packs selling for £20 so im gong to wait until i get paid and if theres none of those left then I will get the £55 pack. Like you said, I could spend that over a few weeks at a club anyway!

Your loss is AMAZING as well, im looking forward to getting started!! x
Your welcome. Let me know when you get started, and if you have any more questions, please feel free to ask. You sound positive and determined, so im sure you will have good results. keep in touch.

Linda xx
Hi there,

I think whichever way you do the RC plan, you will be really pleased! I go to class as I like the fact it costs about the same as WW or SW, but you get an exercise class with it too. Makes me wonder how or why WW or SW charge what they do when they just talk eh?!

Having done WW and SW before, I definitely prefer RC.
I have quite a bit of weight to lose, and I am glad that it was explained that, to not have this leftover saggy skin that you can get with big weight loss, you have to do exercise to get oxygen to your skin to help it's elasticity and to shrink. I never knew that!
A food plan for me needed to be a little strict (or I would have straight away ordered a Chinese) but with little treats so Im not missing my chocolate. That's why I love RC!

Anyway, I hope you get your early Xmas present! Happy slimming!

D* xXx


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
You have done really well to lose all that on your own XXXX i feel like i am getting much more for my money than i did with slimming world , i think its a bit ironic you just sit around talking about food lol

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