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:sigh:hello everyone, i know i shouldn't weigh myself but i have this morning and have put a pound on iam absolutely gutted i had a couple of off days but nothing unlike previous weeks, was really hoping to have lost a pound because then i would have lost 7lbs, am considering not going to the weigh in to be honest:cry:
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What times weigh in?

GO .... its really important to go to group even if you have put 1lb on ... you have already lost 6lb concentrate on that and try and figure out why you have put on!

Sat at home is going to be no motivation for you especially of you feel down :( :hugs:
Chin up, do not get upset about it as this is a lifestyle choice, and there will always be ups and downs. As long as you recognise your 'off days' just draw a line under it (had a few naughty days myself and am 0.5lb away from 7lbs, so i know it is frustrating when you want to reach a certain goal)
Go to group, find out the damage and dont stress yourself out about it too much :)


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Definitely go, as Starlight said, its a slippery slope and I speak from far too much experience at that. Countless times in the past Ive weighed myself, found Ive gained or sts and decided not to go.....and never went back hence the gains in weight.

I made a decision this time to always go regardless, in the past Ive not gone back because Ive sts or lost 'only' half a pound, have given myself loads of kicks up the proverbial as its not always going to be easy and yes there will be times when I'll cock up/become disheartened etc but if i keep going the chance of me getting to goal are way higher.

Its def worth going, you'll get the support you need and the motivation also, you'll feel so much better honestly!


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Definitely go. I had my weigh in last night. Before WI I always hop on my scales to get an idea of what to expect. Last night my scales said I had gained 1lb. Boo! I still went to WI and by SW scales I had lost 2.5lb. Yay!
thanks for the help anyway, my weigh in is 7pm... so been cleaning the house like a mad woman lol, i really dont want to get to excited that my scales are wrong even though that would be a nice idea lol, i know everyone is right by saying i should still go to face the music, it is my star week after all and hopefully will lead to a greater loss next week, thanks everyone for helping me x:D
i went

just to let everyone know that i went for the weigh in and as i thought i gained 1 lb,
but my boyfriend has pointed out to me that i have still lost 5lbs in 4wks, so iam just gonna draw a line under this week it was my star week after all.
and iam gona try my best to not go over my syns allowance all week and do a bit more exercise,SO HERE I GO:D
Well I didn't make it to weigh in, had a work thing.... But hubba went to his first wi and he had only lost half a pound.. He s well annoyed, and you know he so deserved to lose more as he's been better than me!

Thing is he goes to the gym at least 3 times a week, and does weights so I'm thinking he may have built his muscle mass???? Who knows.

I dint think I would have had a loss, as it's totm and felt really frumpy..

On the upside was really good at work dinner in nandos.. Had salad with chicken it's new on the menu, and didn't have dressing, think it's a safe bet???

So I ll have to try and find a class tomorrow if I don't want to get charged!!!!!

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i know what you mean when it's totm, it does make you feel crap and bloated i think that deffinately does not help cos you can retain water then, but i think you will do fine, your husband really shouldn't be disheartend because any loss is better than nothing and i bet he has gained some muscle, i think you deffinatley both measure yourselves because you may be loosing inches especially if your weight loss is steady it is a good motivator i have lost 3 cms from my waist since starting sw, so good luck to you both ;D

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