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Yesterday was yesterday draw a line under it, and today is a new day, we all have a weaknesses at some point, don`t let it ruin what you have already achieved. Be positive and carry on.Good luck :0)


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I like your swimming goals Bevsy. How long is the pool?

Mummypower, I did the same thing on Tuesday, also added 2 lbs, but went onto strict PP, cut out extras, and it's off again now plus another 1lb gone. It does slow us up tho, I've only lost 1 this week, grrr!
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I ate a full lindt chocolate bunny at easter and have lost weight since then. It won't ruin everything if you get back on track NOW! Don't beat yourself up just keep going and up your water and excercise. :) x
I have been thinkin bout givin up recently as been feeling really faint. I needed sugar so bad I had a mars bar last nite I do feel guilty but it's not the end of the world I'm just Gona carry on & not make it a habbit.
I had a big blowout last night in a Huge moment of weakness ate a LOT of chocolate!!!:cry:
I've gained 2lbs this morning :eek::eek::eek:
I feel such an idiot:sigh:
I'm trying to start fresh this morning but feeling like a failure :(
Don't be so hard on yourself! Just look at how far you have come. :D

You gained a bit of water weight which you will lose again. Today is a new day, so onward and upward! :)


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The pool is 25m long, 30 mins is still not happening, to do 30 lengths got it down to 38 mins, so maybe a few more lbs and i will achieve it, well hoping to. :0)


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AS everyone has already said, you'll be back on track again soon - just walking, water and a few days pp.

But - you may well find your losses a little slower from now onwards. It does seem that each time we throw a spanner in the works the process gets just a little slower.

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